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    Gimme more droids

    Like my name says and I need a new droid fix. I know the Saga line just released an R2D2, but I want some varaints on the R2 also. Are there anymore Droids on the way soon(hint, hint R5D4. He has been in more than one movie).

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    There are the droids that are coming in the Star Tours line, as well as the repaints in the TRU 4-Packs. And a new R2-D2: Bartender is on the way for next year.

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    Well they need to give me an R5 already. Seriously, though I plan on picing the Imperial set up for the black R4 and the Hoth set for the red R3. But are there any new "classic" droids coming out? I know many have wanted the bartender R2 for awhile, but I would prefer an R5, R6, or an R7. I prefer R5D4, but even say the R5 from the Queen's starship or Jabba's Red R5.

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    I love droids, too. I bought 2 of the Sneak Preview R3-T7's last year, even though I don't like the icky yellow color. It's still a cool astromech droid. I'd definitely buy more new droids, if I could find them at retail! And I guarantee that the droids in the Imperial and Hoth sets will be the sole reason many collectors pick up those sets.

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    Originally posted by Twodot Tatooine

    I guarantee that the droids in the Imperial and Hoth sets will be the sole reason many collectors pick up those sets.
    No way, I'm buying the Imperial set for the blaster rack. No but really, I think you are right Twodot. The more Astros the better, they are the only figures I open to display. R2-BAR2 is a very welcome droid in my collection. I just hope they use the Commtech R2 for the base, but we all know the chances of that. I'd like to see R1-G4 from the purchase of the droids in ANH.
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    That Imperial set is just perfect. There's nothing in there that I'm not looking forward to. But mostly I think I'm looking forward to finally sniffing the mouse droid.

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    Well I broke down and did a "Buy it Now" on e-Bay for an R5D2 and I made a deal with a guy to get another Death Star Droid, so maybe I will be okay until I get the Hoth and Imperial sets.

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    I agree, Hasbro needs to make more droids. Droids are cool, and the imperial droids are the baddest!
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    yes, droids. My most wanted droid is R1-G4!! Its so unique from the other droids in SW and its HUGE.
    The main reason I'll be picking up the 4 packs is for the droids too.
    Its funny that it took Hasbloop so long to get the fact that they can repaint the droids (a good reason for repaints).

    More droids!!

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    Thumbs up

    Yes, droids are fantastic! Besides the R1, my most wanted unmade model is a CZ secretary droid. Let's hope that the rumored one actually turns up. We need more R2, R3 & R4 units, too. Including the upcoming 4-pack R3 & R4 units, we will have gotten a total of 4 different R2s, along with 3 different R3s & R4s. But not a single proper 3-eyed R5! (Don't you dare try to count that R5-D4 wannabe)

    That's not nearly enough. Check out this list:
    There are some very cool droids listed there that Hasbro would be foolish to leave unmade. That blue-bodied Death Star R3 is a must. And there are about 5 awesome R5 designs that Hasbro needs to make, so they'd better get around to making a decent R5 sculpt asap! What kid wouldn't snatch up a Darth Maul-like R5 unit? We also haven't seen a non-D2 R2 unit in ages. The gray one from the Tantive, and the white one with green highlights from ANH Tatooine would each be very distinctive.

    As has been stated, these would mostly just be repaints of existing molds, and therefore cheap to make. Yetat the same time, Hasbro would be providing collectors with never before offered characters. A win-win situation for Hasbro and collectors alike! I'm one of the many that will only be getting the upcoming Imperial & Hoth 4-packs for the droids. This is a great way to get these droids, but once you throw in the limited-release Star Tours astromechs, and the pack-in of R2-R9 with the Queen's Ship, you have only a pathetic FIVE astromechs (R2-D2, R2-B1, R2-Q5, R4-M9a, and R3-T7) in the NINE years since this line started. Pathetic! With 4 different versions of standard astromech types, Hasbro should be releasing one of each a year. Droids are one of the most unique and distinctive parts of the Star Wars universe, and about the only ones where Hasbro can reuse existing molds with essentially no modifications to produce brand new characters. Win-Win!


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