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    Knights of the Old Republic: Ulic Qel Droma, Exar Kun, and The Sith War!

    These were probably my all-time favorite Star Wars comics!

    From the start, the cast of characters like Master Arca, Ulic, and Nomi Sunrider are just too cool.

    Master Arca
    Ulic Qel Droma (Jedi turned Sith Lord!)
    Cay Qel Droma
    Tott Doneeta (history's most well-developed, male Twi'lek Jedi!)
    Master Thon
    Nomi Sunrider
    Vima Sunrider
    Oss Willum
    Dace Diath
    Shoanes Culu
    Qrrl Torq
    Master Vodo Siossk Baas
    Exar Kun (Jedi turned Sith Master!)
    Zona Luka
    Mandalore (leader of the ancient Mandalorians!)
    Princess Gallia
    Queen Amanoa (Sith Witch)
    King Omin (Sith Lord)
    Warb Null (Sith apprentice)
    Freedon Nadd (spirit of long-deceased Sith Lord)
    Oron Kira (leader of the Beast Riders)

    Dang this is the one Expanded Universe series that is far removed from our modern movie characters that I think we should DEMAND Hasbro make action figures from!

    I even want their cool vehicles like Starstorm-One and the Nebulon Ranger!

    This whole epic unfolds as big as the movie Star Wars series and those characters' expanded universe off-shoots any day!

    Any of you fans out there?

    This series takes place at about exactly the same time as the KOTOR video game. Anyone play that game? Does the story tie-in? How?

    Or does it take place after Exar Kun falls from power? Do any of the comic characters appear in the game? Are they relevant to the story?

    What's up with that?
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    I read the whole "Tales of the Jedi" run as well, Tycho, and next to "X-Wing: Rogue Squadron" they were my favourite SW comics too. I remember "Redemption" (the last 4 part series in TOJ?) being one of the best non movie SW stories I'd read. How it ties in w the game I have no clue.

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    Originally posted by jjreason
    I remember "Redemption" (the last 4 part series in TOJ?) being one of the best non movie SW stories I'd read.

    The writers did a great job of showing Ulic's pain and loneliness, and Catwoman's anger. The final saber duel had similar emotional feelings to Luke/Vader. catwoman finally forgave Ulic, averting a fall to the dark side, then that intergalactic cab driver goes and kills Ulic! UGH!

    I'm gonna have to pull that TPB out and read it again!
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    Sylvar was the Cathar lady Jedi. She was awesome.

    Her past with Exar Kun was also so cool when she finally tried to kill him on Ossus during the Sith War - but so many Massassi warriors, so little time...

    Anyway, if you recall, many of the Jedi Masters had 3 apprentices at the same time in those days. Master Vodo Siossk Baas, the alien that used the light staff weapon backed up with his Force powers, had 2 Cathar Jedi, the mated pair of Sylvar and her dear Crado, plus the human Jedi, Exar Kun. From their past associations, Exar Kun was able to corrupt Crado and easily influence him over to the Dark Side, which got him killed as a result. Sylvar, unable to forgive any Sith for the loss of her mate, targeted Exar Kun (who killed their Jedi Master on the Galactic Senate's floor, too!) and then, unable to destroy him, she goes after Ulic, the Sith Lord's apprentice.

    (though Ulic was more like Exar's accomplice than apprentice. They had very different tasks they aimed to achieve, and very different methods).

    EXAR KUN: "My mission went as planned. I have the Sith Holocron as well as 20 new adepts to make into Dark Jedi at my command!"

    ULIC KEL DROMA: "Only 20? I have 7 planets and 2 armies at my command, and now I have the Republic Fleet!"

    [not direct quotes from these Sith Lords, but it's pretty close and you get the point]

    So would you guys buy action figures?

    And does anybody out there know if the video game has anything to do with The Sith Wars?

    And how do the Sith continue on after Nomi Sunrider and all the Jedi defeat them?


    I think that some followers with Force skills from amongst the Krath, kept the Sith secrets alive, and still within the very heart of the Republic, in the Galaxy's Core Worlds.

    Some rogue Jedi could've stumbled upon Exar's ghost while doing reconnaisance on Yavin.

    Somebody could have discovered the location of Korriban, in similar ways to how Exar did.

    King Omin or Queen Amanoa's spirits may have found enough dark power to infest Onderron, or at least the Dxun Moon.

    The remaining Mandalorians might've migrated off the Dxun Moon with Sith secrets, trying to locate survivors from amongst the Krath faction - they were loyal to Ulic (the Mandalorians), so they might've sought out his faction.

    But the Sith teachings did not stay contained one way or another.
    They'd been spreading from world to world since the Sith's return in the Hyperspace Wars, so if their living adepts did not count amongst The Sith Wars survivors, then perhaps the twisted and the curious amongst the Force sensitive, or even within the Jedi ranks, revived the Sith sect, and through time, restored lineage to their history.

    We know that 2000 years before Yavin, the Sith returned in Force and destroyed the Republic and half the Jedi in almost 1000 years of continuous conflicts. In the very last 100 years of the most numerous battles, up until about 1000 years before Yavin, Lord Kaan got himself killed on Ruusan, and only Darth Bane and his apprentice Zannah, survived.

    Darth Bane DID go to the Dxun Moon, and as a direct predacessor to Darth Sidious, may have indeed discovered the location of Korriban, since we know Palpatine had gone there on more than several occasions according to Sith reference books.

    But Darth Bane came to power on the final eve of 1000 years of Sith vs. Jedi war. So what started that conflict? It's a story that has never been told!

    But I'd like to know. How about you?
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    I know I would buy the figures if they made them. Hasbro should just make a line of EU figures from the old Republic days to the new wars against the Vong. Did you guys read Traitor? The final Battle made me cry... Ganner went out like a solider.
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