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    About the "recall"

    At the Super Target I work at I found an entire pallete of SW Collection 1, Wave 4 toys. That's right. An entire pallete. It was stacked about 6 feet high, maybe a bit more. It would barely clear a doorway.
    If you don't know how big a pallete is, then just think of about 100 or so cases stacked up in a cube. Hell, 100 is probably being conservative. It was in our recieving dock with a notice, "DO NOT REMOVE FROM CHARGE BACK. ITEM(S) HAVE BEEN RECALLED" It will be sent back within the next few days. While it's great news that Target is getting rid of all this crap for new figs, it's kind of scary that we had THAT many toys floating around in the back. Everytime I searched for new figs at that store since about December, I've been wasting my time!
    I'd have to imagine that this is happening at all Targets across the country, or at least any of them in the South, since we are all run off the same distributors.

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    So it's a ... Total Recall?

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    Stuff like that makes me feel cooky. Im not mad at the target people for doing that. Star Wars figures isnt everyones top priority. Im sure employees dont sit around all day obsessing" oh my God I must stock the star wars, how is the star wars supply". Even though they should But when you ask if they have any in the back and they say no, and THEY REALLY HAVE EM, thats not right. They should go look. They cant say its an incovenience. ITS THERE FREAKIN JOB. Oh well
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    The reason none of it was ever stocked was cos it was just more of the same pegwarmers already on the filled shelves. Every now and then we got a case or two of new stuff, and it was put out right away. But for the most part, it was all more pegwarmers.

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    do you know if and when you guys will be stocking the new figs? the target near me hasnt got new figs since the Palpatine wave!

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    In addition what if some good figures are buried in the pallet of figures....

    Remember if it is not out it can't sell out
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    Sounds like good news in your area. Hopefully all targets are doing it. I have 2 super Targets. We shall see in a few days hopefully.
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    The other day while lookinga t my Target I noticed that there pegs where completely cleared. That's right, the Palpatine's Djas Puhrs, Darth Bespins, everything, gone...

    Right now they are compltetly empty, although I'll be checking daily to see when/if they get 'new' figures in.

    Now this recall must be Target only, so far. I'm sure other stores will do so in good time, althought the Wal-mart two blocks away from this Target still has 100+ pegwarmers, with nothing newer than Palpatine. And 50+ cantina sets.
    Although there toy manager is always an idiot. He does it with all lines, i something starts selling he orders tons of them thinking that demand will keep up. Unfort he must have been skipping his college class the day they discussed how to properly stock in a small time town of 50,000.
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    TRU has already been cleared by Hasbro, from what I have read/heard, Target is clearing now and who knows which stores will be next.

    It's funny, Hasbro aparently did better business with SAGA than with EP1, yet here are all these peg warmers going back, and only a few new cases have trickled into stores in the last month or two with as solid 4-5 month dry period.

    As for Target not checking the stuff in the back, well, it has been Target's long standing policy not to stock during business hours. Most Target's have signs posted to indicate that "Collectors items" will not be pulled from the back during the day. They re-stock overnight, so you have to get there early.

    The employees should tell people that, instead of just saying that they have no new stock.

    If you ask me, this policy is bad business practice, however Target knows they can get away with it. Collectors will not "cut off their nose to spite their face". In other words we will not ignore a legitimate avenue of finding new figures (no matter how remote), just to stick our thumbs in Target's eye.

    It's garbage like this that makes me want to join Kebco!
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    I don't know about my Greatlands Target here in Burbank CA because I refuse to check anymore, but my TRU has 2 carded figures on the pegs Annie and Zam. A few weeks ago (last time a stopped in) they had 50+ Padme's. I guess it's safe to say that they pulled them off the pegs for newer waves. Reports have been coming in that they have gotten the 4 pack and they just got in the robotic armed Annie 12".
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