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    Star Wars Lithographs


    A couple of my lithographs (the ones from Willitts with the lighted film cels) have broken switches. I have looked everywhere for these and cannot find any close enough to the original to replace them. If anyone has any suggestions on where to get them, please let me know. If anyone can get them, I would be more than willing to reimburse you for cost + shipping and put a couple of extra dollars in your pocket for the trouble. Please let me know. Thanks for reading.

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    Can you take the switch out and post a picture. I have 3 of those pictures, but I don't want to mess with it. Usually small switches like that are just a bland series loop. The kind you learn about in 5 or 6th grade. Check the wiring. All you need to do is connect the wire to each battery terminal and then meet at the metal end of the light bulb. The when the switch is pushed, usually a small metal object completes the loop, but the switch is not pushed the loop is not complete and the light will not come on. It's all very simple and if the wires shorted out, you can get some at Radio Shack. Just buy the cheapest wires. Voltage won't matter. If the battery melted in the picture. Pry it loose and place electrical tape in the compartment. Make sure that nothing touches the fried areas. Then reconnect the battery to the loop and it should work. How old are you? If you are still in high school, you can probably ask a science teacher to help you. If not, then you should be qualified to do it your self. You can't harm the picture as long as you don't place a bigger battery in there then required.

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    I have posted the same thread in several different forums to see if someone can help.

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    Boy that switch looks real familiar. I'll rack my brain to see if I can remember were I saw them.
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    this is real simple. Go to radio shack and look at the electical switches. You should find one that is very similar. Cut the wires to the broken switch. Stip the ends and solder them to the new switch. If this doesn't work, run new wires and create a new circuit. It is a very easy project and shouldn't take you more then an hour.

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    Radio Shack does not have any black switches that match the ones I need.

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    Check this page. .

    It should work. There are other switches on the Radio Shack's web site. They all should work.

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    Follow up. With this switch, you would have to hold down the button for the light to work. Some of my pictures have that type and some of my pictures have a type where when you push it, it clicks and stays on until you click it again. If this is the type, then you check this out. I believe that this switch works like that. You may have to paint the top black or leave it red.

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    Well, I am wanting something similar to what was originally included. I looked at those when I looked at Radio Shack but I did not like them.
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    You will probably have a tough time finding something that matches completely. I don't know of another place that sells simple switches and the one that came with the picture was probably proprietary.


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