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    Dockers Stain Defender Pants

    I was watching the Star Trek marathon on Sci Fi and I saw a commercial for these pants. Now I've seen the commercials before, but I guess I've never really been interested in them until now. Does anyone here own a pair of these Dockers? I ask because I'd like to purchase some, just for the novelty aspect of watching stuff roll off my pants without staining. Does it work like in the commercials, because I haven't seen anything in stores where you can test the pants out by spilling stuff on them. If anyone can share their experience with these pants, I'd like to read it.
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    What will they think of next, stain defender underwear?
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    Originally posted by Lord_Malakite
    What will they think of next, stain defender underwear?
    I would have thought those would have come first....

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    I too was interested in picking up a pair, because I am constantly spilling stuff, while driving in my car, and the fluid soaks in the pants, making it look like I just missed the bathroom. Not cool if you are on your way to a job interview, or a date, or going out to the store.
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    WellI just bought a [air of GapKhakis that have the Stain defender on them. They are also wrinkle resistant and stain proof.
    I havent wore them yet but have been wanting to do a water test on them tosee if they really work. I will let you know.

    Edit..........I just did the water test and it worked. The water just rolled right off. They are great. I suggest you go to the store and purchase them.
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    kidhuman, you don't know how much I appreciate hearing they actually do that. Now to buy a pair and show them off.
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    A few days ago I bought 3 pairs of those Gokahki's (they were on sale at Dillards ) But anyways not only do they feel good but liquids just roll off it's really fun to do!
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    There was a guy at my work who came in all giddy with his new pair of stain blocker dockers, and tested them out for all of us.

    they were.. Impressive.. Most impressive.

    so yes, they do work.
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    Problem is, thye are still highly unstylish Kakhis

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    I'm wanting them for novelty purposes, but if people want to think it's unstylish, that's cool. As long as I am happy.
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