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    Custom Disasters - Who else still has them

    I have made several customs that turned out like ****. However, only 3 survived to tell the tale. Here is #1.

    Question: What to do with Amanda Kirby's body? <insert joke here>

    Wrong Answer: Sabe's head and a Maul sith speeder robe.

    Question: This looks like ****. How do I fix it?

    Wrong answer: Paint her face red with a Sharpie.

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    Here is number 2.

    I let my 4 year old pick out the parts and here is what we got.

    Titan AE arms and legs
    different Titan AE torso
    Palpatine's head
    GI Joe's M-16
    no paint

    I just could not take him apart. The Emperor is her favorite Character in ROTJ.

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    And number 3.

    Jedi Nikto head and hands
    Titan Ae torso
    Jurassic Park Legs
    Zartan's arms
    walrusman's vest

    I thought he could hang out at the cantina, or maybe Jabba's palace, and look menacing. Instead he looks like a drunken old man. I re-painted the jacket and arms blue and call him 'Claven'. If I could get a USPS logo on the back, I would. He usually has one of the bar set glasses in his hand, but he must have dropped it when I moved him for this picture.


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