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    The jedi council

    In episode 1 I know who the jedi council is, and in episode 2. They are different because some people died or something happened to them. So what Im asking is those who didnt make it from ep1 to ep2, whats happened to them and what comic was it in. I know yaddle was killed. But what happened to her and other ep1 council members and what comic book was it in whe they were killed
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    Yarael Poof died in either the Jango Fett or the Zam Wessel one-shot comic, both of which came out shortly before AOTC. Yaddle died in the latest Jedi Quest novel.
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    Cool. Do you know how yaddle died. Was she killed by Zam Wessel?
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    No, since the Jedi Quest novels take place a few years before AOTC, before any of the Jedi had ever heard of Zam Wessel. I've not read the book, but a Q&A on the official site that said her fate would be revealed in JQ #6 combined with a blurb about a Jedi dying on the back cover made it pretty clear. So I found that part of the novel and, IIRC, she is vaporized when she prevents a terrorist bomb from going off in a populated area.

    Yarael Poof was stabbed to death by a terrorist on Coruscant while working with Zam and Jango to prevent the bad guys from unleashing some sort of Force weapon to destroy most of Coruscant.
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    Yaddle's death was similar to Poof's; sacrificing herself to save a planet. She absorbs a bomb into her body to keep it from exploding. I seem to recall she was shot into the air by an elevator/turbolift. Anakin takes it hard; he blames himself for not acting quickly enough.
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    cool. thanks for the replys. Its to bad yaddle died. I liked her. I hope they make a figure of her someday
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    I hope for the remaining unmade Episode One Jedi Council members seeing figures, too.

    Depa Billabpa (Mace Windu's former apprentice)
    Yarael Poof (killed and replaced by Coleman Trebor I think)
    Yaddle (killed and replaced by Shaak-Ti I think - or it was Coleman)
    Even Piel (in the 3-pack coming soon)
    Oppo Rancisis (in the 3-pack coming soon)

    There are 7 Episode One Jedi Council Members made,

    but 11 Episode Two Jedi Council Members made if you count:

    Coleman Trebor (carded)
    Even Piel (3-pack)
    Oppo Rancisis (3-pack)
    Mace Windu
    Plo Koon
    SaeSee Tiin
    Eeth Koth
    Adi Gallia
    Ki-Adi Mundi
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