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    R4-D2 and G2-9T for trade

    Instead of cancelling my order, Disney shipped it; after I had already bought them from another person.

    I have one of each of these figures in C8+ condition. Let me know what you have to trade and we'll talk.

    For the Saga line, I'm after:

    Yoda and Padawan;
    Ashla and Jempa; and
    Anakin Ceremony

    There are some POTF2 and POTJ holes I could fill too, but minor ones.


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    I have an extra Anakin Ceremony, and what POTJ figs are you looking for? PLMK. Thanks.

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    Hi, folks.

    The Star Tours critters were snatched up by a fellow forumite.

    Thanks for your interest!



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