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    Yeah, Im actually considering just buying the TPB of this, the original issues are tough to find, and I can only ever find #2. Maybe I'll browse ebay, but Im not going to pay too much. I'll get there eventually - I always do.....

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    Alright, i went out to buy some Hulk comics this last weekend and now i'm seriously lost. I know there is the original Incredible Hulk series, but i found some trade paperbacks w/ the Hulk. LIke "Hulk: The Best Returns" i believe wast he name and the one where Abomination runs amok, but i noticed it said on the back of each one, "Collecting Incredible Hulk 38-44" or something like that. Now, yeah, i realize that this is a trade p-back that contains those issues, but i'm just curious as to when this all started. Aka: i assume that the Hulk was revamped and started again at an incredible Hulk #1 and now runs into the stuff i saw today. I'm just curious to see if that idea is right and i can get some older trade paperbacks that have the first oh, 30 issues and then i can get into the Beast returns and his quarrel w/ Abomination. Any help would rule! thanks y'all!
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    Okee dokee, let's see here.

    Hulk appeared in 1962 with Hulk 1-6. Those issues could be found in a Marvel Masterpieces hardcover (to the tune of 30-40 bucks) or maybe an Essential Hulk softcover in black and white for a lot less.

    His series was cancelled for no apparent reason at that point, and he drifted aimlessly through other Marvel titles (most notably the Avengers, where he was a team member for all of 1 issue) and the FF (where he slugged it out with the Thing on occasion).

    Eventually, his staying power was realized, and he was awarded a monthly stint in Tales to Astonish, starting with issue 60 (after his set-up guest appearance in issue 59). These books he split with the Sub Mariner, until both got their own series in the early part of 1968 (Incredible Hulk continuing with the TTA numbering, actually started again with issue 102).

    Next issue of note 180, 181, 182 - a long battle with the Wendigo monster in the Canadian wilderness...and the first Marvel appearances of Wolverine.

    This volume continued up until 474.

    They relaunched the book right away, Marvel "Hall of Fame" writer/artist John Byrne started off in "so so" fashion. The book kind of lulled (not counting the fan flipping tastic 8th issue, featuring a tussle with Wolvie) until issue 34 (the debut of current writer Bruce Jones). Jones has written the book since, and has been helped out by stellar art from John Romita Jr. and Mike Deodato. Lately, it's been a little odd, but things are looking up for issue 60.

    So, what would I read? Try to find the essential Hulk book. Should be cheap, and should include a big chunk of historical stuff. Not like you don't get the jist already, but it's nice to know where you've been.

    I'd also highly recommend the TPB that starts with issue 34, going that route would get you caught up to the current issues pretty quick (there may be 3 TPB's by now that encompass 34-54 which are really great).

    Good luck, glad to see the movie sparked someone's interest......

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    I'd also highly recommend the TPB that starts with issue 34, going that route would get you caught up to the current issues pretty quick (there may be 3 TPB's by now that encompass 34-54 which are really great).
    The First TPB 'Return of the Monster' encompasses 34-39.
    Then the next TPB collects 40-44.
    The newest one collects 50-54 ( the SWEET Abombination story)

    So you'd have to rustle up 45-49 to get the whole story.

    Skip the "hide in plain sight" Absorbing Man story in 55-59. It eats in the Art dept. and has nothing to do with the cool Conspiracy storyline that's been running through all the books since Bruce Jones started writing.

    Older stories that you might like:

    Joe Fixit. After the McFarlane Issues, (where they blow up an entire southwest town with a Gamma Bomb) the Hulk dissappears and the comic continuity jumped forward like a year. It turns out the Hulk is gray again, living in Las Vegas, and working for a mobster as his main enforcer: A big lug named Joe Fixit.

    The Pantheon storyline. Bruce finally reconciles all his multiple personalities with some therapy. The result is a 10' tall Hulk with Banner's brillaint scientist mind, and a little of Fixit's attitude thrown in. The only catch is he's permanently stuck in Hulk mode ( so no nookie for Betty). He hooks up with a super group known as the Pantheon ( with names like Achilles, Paris, Hector, and Agamemnon) and they set out to solve the word's problems, like rousting third world dictators. Killer Dale Keown art.
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    Yeah, aside from the current moody Bruce Jones storylines, I would have to say those Peter David/Dale Keown issues were my favorites. I really liked that "Speedfreak" villan (think that's what his name was). And like EP said, Keowns artwork was the shiz!!

    The current storylines seem to be more on the suspense/thriller side, the "Return of the Monster" TPB is a great read!

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    Ok, first off, thanks for your help, everybody!! I wasn't sure which book was worth it and whatnot. I just hate it when comics have a dozen different spin offs. LIke the X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, X-Force, blah blah blah blah. and spider-man?!?! Woah, stop right there, Marvel!! If i have to follow around another lame clone plot through 20572057205702 different books, i'm going to go postal!! That's one of the reasons i stopped collecting comics for a while, too much crap that was started in one series and then kicked into another and yadda yadda. The only book i pick up now is Ultimate Spider-Man.

    anyway, ok, so here is what i found on the "essential Hulk" books, these ones:

    I might get those, but from reading various stuff on the net and whatnot, i think i can wait. It just shows a lot of stuff i'm already familiar with (Abombination, Thunderbolt Ross, etc). So, if i were to pick up the 3 TPB's (along with 44-49) and skip the Absorbing Man story, i'll be set to pick up issue 60 (coming out when?!!) and be good to go?

    Again, thanks for everybody's help. I've been a fan of the Hulk since i was kid (hell, who wasn't?!!) and read the comics from time to time and ALWAYS watched the show. Granted, it didn't have much in it, but still, it's still awesome to watch. cheers!!
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    If you can find them, I enjoyed the early issues of the current series (the John Byrne issues). They had more of a "Hulk TV show" feel to them, which personally I preferred to the comic.

    Also, Future Imperfect may be the best Hulk story ever, and it is considered canonical. I especially like a twist at the end I won't spoil.

    As for getting me up to speed and clarifying a few points for myself:

    1) What happened with Bruce's fatal/debilitating disease (I forget which one it was) and the "Devil Hulk" from the early issues of this run.

    2) How did "Smart Hulk" cease to be, and does he still survive as a personality somewhere in Bruce's psyche?

    3) Is Fixit still alive? (I'd like to think he's laying low in Bruce's subconsciousness and is going to come back with a vengeance at some point.)

    3) Do I have my "Hulk scorecard" right?
    Bruce Banner
    Green Hulk
    Savage Hulk
    (physically identical to Green Hulk, but a mindless engine of destruction. . . IIRC, his re-emergence was what had been prophesied to bring about Smart Hulk's downfall)
    "Joe Fixit"
    Smart Hulk
    Devil Hulk
    (possibly brought about by Bruce's disease?)
    Maestro (like Smart Hulk, but without Bruce's morals?)
    a gazillion incompletely formed Hulk personas that lack the strength to surface in the physical realm
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    Wish I could help... But I stopped reading around the end of Keowns run, and just started up again with the new TPB's.

    I'm in the dark on most of that stuff, didn't even know a Devile Hulk existed!

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    And Im not much help either. I stopped with the current series after missing issue 8... which I filled in some time ago. I should continue on from there and read 9-33, some of those questions may be answered. Im still missing 25 (an Abomination story, of course, so it'll cost me 15 bucks to fill in). Once I finish off the run, I'll read them all at once and let you know what I find out.

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    Finished Hulk 59, not too bad an ending to this storyline (which I though wasn't going anywhere). Still not a big fan of Crusher Creel being a friggin' Rhodes Scholar but that's neither here nor there. I liked the resolution and the little peekabo at the end. Twisty. On to bigger and better, next issue is Deodato back in the saddle - hang on.


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