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    Finally bought and read #60 - ahhhhhhhhhh. Relief. Back into the old comfortable mold of recent Hulk books.... not a Hulk in sight!!!! Totally a set up issue, but I think this arc should finalize a few things we've been wondering about for the past 2 years. Interesting about the laptops not working, Im pretty keen on seeing who's behind this whole thing.

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    I just read the last 3 issues of Incredible Hulk, and figured dusting off this old thread would be a good way to celebrate. 66, 67 and 68 are the first 3 parts of this latest Bruce Jones arc named "Dead Like Me" which is dealing with more than a few of the revelations of the destruction of Home Base (well at least Home Base's Base, if not Home Base itself/themselves).

    Im still very happy with Jones' writing - he's now responsible for more than half of this latest volume of Hulk comics. The art, now being done by Braithwaite (not sure of his first name) is working fine, and is in keeping with the mood set by John Romita Jr. and fully realized by Mike Deodato. The last part of this story will be a Hulk vs Hulk mixup between Dr. Banner and the newly appearing Hulk form of the Banner clone. The premise is that Doc Sampson, Betty, and Nadia Blonsky - all waiting for Bruce to come back once he's killed the clone - won't know which Banner returns from the fight as they don't know the Clone had the ability to transform.

    I personally can't believe Marvel gave the go-ahead to a Hulk Clone storyline after the abysmal fan opinion of the Spider Clone Saga, but we're at that point nonetheless. I hope this squares itself away next issue; not that the story's bad or anything, but there's absolutely no need for a second Hulk to be running around the MU - unless they're going to turn him into a second Abomination to replace the Blonsky that apparently got killed back in #54). That might work.
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    Hey, this thread has been revived!! I wasn't sure what to think about Betty coming back as Jones said, "Betty's dead" but i guess he decided to mix things up a bit. I'm enjoying this arc w/ the whole sort of love triangle mix up. I liked at the end of the one issue in this series when the last page was a frame of Bruce holding Nadia and Doc holding betty; that was awesome.

    Alot of folks over at the Hulk Movie boards loathe Jones and awaiting his departure; i'm quite fond of him though i do wish this ENTIRE Home Base thing would wrap up. Hopefully, we'll see that happen with this series. It should be sweet to see what happens with these two Hulks! cheers!
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    Maybe one will become Maestro!
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    Re: The Doctor is OUT. (The Incredible Hulk comic thread)

    I personally don't think Emil bit the bucket (was that a mixed metaphor? Like kicked the dust?) Abomination is too cool to go out like that. Although a fist through the face and then body minced up by helicopter blades before said coptor explodes ranks a least an 8 on the cool death-o-meter. But anyway, just picked up the final issue of the Hulk Clone storyline by Jones and DOUGIE Braithwaite. Wrapped it up nice and tidy, with Bruce out on his own again. I coould almost hear the piano riff from the TV show as Bruce headed down the road alone in the final splash page.

    PS, Doc Samson should join SHIELD so hes can have a decent bodysuit/jumper instead of his uber-homo red shirt with a yellow lightning bolt. I'm sure Nick Fury needs someone to head up an as yet unformed Hulk task force. Samson's the man. All useless Marvel secondary characters should find themselves working for SHIELD. Silver Sable and her Wild Pack? Luke Cage? Iron Fist? Jessica Drew? Misty Knight and that other one armed chick (or was Misty the one armed chick?) See what I mean? Give these people something to do other than clog up Marvel Handbook...

    Also read the final issue of Hulk:Gray. Basically it sucked and made me not want to read either Spider-Man: Blue, or Daredevil: Yellow. Ironically, the series was kind of a send off to Betty like Blue was for Gwen Stacy and Yellow was for Karen Page, but in the intervening six months since Gray #1 came out, Betty is back with us in the regular comic. Which makes the entire thing moot AND sucky at the same time.
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