Picked up INCREDIBLE HULK 54 on account of jjreason's enthusiastic blurbing. Fantastic art. The story was spartan, but basically it was a slugfest between Bruce and a beautifully rendered Abomination, so what can you expect.

But now I'm confused. Because Betty is dead (or in a coma)? And General Ross is alive again? And it doesn't matter whether Bruce is big and green or not, he still has Hulk strength? But apparently it does matter to somebody because they want Hulk blood ( for what purpose isn't explained)? And some guy dies in a car explosion and another chick is shot (except it's not her) over a DVD (Been there.)? I feel like I haven't read this book in seven years ( oh wait, I haven't...)

I went back through my trusty comic log. I have every issue from... 183(OH C'MON... 183?!? What are the odds I was two issues shy of Wovie's 1st appearance?) up until 427. Give or take an issue. (211,218,224,226, 295, 334) 334? What happened there? Then I guess 432 and 436 had cool covers or something because I have those too. But durned if I can remember what happened towards the end ( other than Jim Wilson dying of AIDS. Powerful issue)

Anyway. Apparently they dropped "The" when they restarted the book. That's very popular at Marvel these days. Same thing happened with New Mutants last week.

So when did the 1st series stop? And what's up with Bruce these days? And will this book be headed in a different direction once the movie comes out?

Let's talk gamma radiated behemoths, shall we?