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    I would buy just aout any set of these. But Boba Fett, bring it on. How about a Rancor set or a Jabba's palace set.
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    Originally posted by kidhuman
    I would buy just aout any set of these. But Boba Fett, bring it on. How about a Rancor set or a Jabba's palace set.
    Man, I'd love to see a Playskool Jabba! While they're at it, maybe a Sailbarge. I love how they've done all the ships so far and seeing that hell will freeze over before they make a version for the regular line, I'd gladly settle for the Playskool toy.

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    My kingdom for a new playskool line!!!!!!!!!
    I would by any playskool set without a doubt.
    What about a hangar duel set with yoda and tyrannus fighting and the solar sailer.
    Or a rebel assault ship with clone troopers and some jedi.
    Please hasbro........ DO MORE!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jedi Master Sal - why have you suppressed the urge? Too much to buy? You may be missing the single best thing that Hasbro has released in the Star Wars line! Action figures that don't stand up properly and can't hold their accessories for any length of time are no match for these diminutive critters! And the cute, squished versions of the ships are amazing caricatures of the ships we all know and love. Maltbyrob said it best when he mentioned that he doesn't know anyone who wasn't hooked as soon as they opened one of these sets. Buy one of the small sets - that should be all it takes. Then we can all bother Hasbro incessantly until they release new sets! Your fiancee will get over it. Who knows, she might even like them more than you do!

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    FOR SURE! We need many new Playskool.
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