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    no thread title can express my dismay . . .

    What the hell is up with eBay ?

    I just got home from work and checked my Yahoo email account which I check every few days . . .

    Well I'll be damned if there isn't a confirmation email from eBay about some sort of digital work studio ? ? ? I allegedly have 3 available starting at $2,399 each.

    I am at a loss as to what I should do . . . I have 2 email inquiries from people interested in the product.

    HUH ?

    I'm freaking out because if eBay has my credit card on file, they might try to charge me listing fees. I don't even know what they charge but I bet it's a fair sum if it's a percent of 2400 dollars ! ! !

    Have you heard of anything like this ever happening ? Jeez, I thought about cancelling the auction but that might be interpreted as my having knowledge of the sale . . . holy crap . . .

    The auction started about 10 hours ago and when I click on "My eBay" it does NOT have the auction listed but it does have my current purchases listed.

    I am completely floored right now.

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    sure enough, here are the charges:

    Listing fees
    Insertion fee: $3.30
    Featured category: $9.97
    Photo: $0.30
    Highlight: $2.50
    Listing Designer: $0.10
    Gallery: $0.25

    Total fees: $16.42

    I dug through the Help links, it instructs users to end a listing if they did not list it. So that's what I did.

    Now I just need to get these charges credited . . .

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    That sounds really screwed up. I had to e-mail eBay about a seller who was dragging their feet on getting me the item I won, but never had anything like the situation you have.
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    Get this, I checked my Yahoo mail info to change my password and I noticed some of my saved folders have been deleted and my outgoing name changed to "Lopez Sales" . . . and when I enter my inbox instead of saying "Hello Anthony!" it says "Hello Juan!"

    It's weird, Yahoo will let me open the folders and such but when I tried to change the outgoing name it won't take my password.

    Right now I'm going through my bank, credit card, and student loan websites to make sure there is no mischief there.

    If this is limited to eBay / Yahoo then I'm gonna be alright because there is no final sale through eBay and I hardly use Yahoo mail anymore . . .

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    hey, i was bidding on those auctions!!!

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    This is what scares me about using the internet. It has become a convenient way to transact business and get items that you wanted, but normally don't find, but there is always someone up to no good, and it leaves one feeling vunerable.

    And I thought I was having problems because my CD Rom only plays certain recorded CD's.
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    Gosh darned hackers! I say string these wastes of human flesh up in the town square and humiliate them until they cry like little girls. When we stop treating crime like it's just an inconvenience, maybe these a holes will scurry back into their rat nests and stay there.

    I'm sure you have, but contact Ebay right away. Then contact the FBI. They may be able to track this guy down and put a stop to his nefarious plans.
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    You're lucky that they didn't change your e-mail address. In this week's issue of Fortune there is a big article on e-bay fraud. Usually people will look for high good feedback accounts that haven't been used lately. They'll hack the password and put up bogus auctions. You won't get an e-mail that the auctions are up and people will lose money on them. The best thing to do is to change your password immediately, contact any bidders and explain, and then contact Ebay. Ebay is tough to get a hold of, but they'll respond in your favor.

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    Those crazy Lopez's.
    Back and more bearded than ever before

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    Well that was quick !
    eBay got back to me within 8 hours, they put in a request to credit those fees. I'm so glad I don't have my credit card on file with them, the hacker(s) could have swiped it from my account page.

    As for Yahoo, I've found that if you unsuccessfully try repeated attempts to login then they temporarily lock the account - so for the next few weeks I am going to make it a twice daily routine of attempting to login to keep anyone from using it.

    I rarely use that account anymore, so once I've notified all of my contacts that it's a dead account then I should have nothing to worry about. It will just be another random name on the web.

    jrosen, I am amazed that they didn't change my eBay email address . . . indeed that would make matters worse.


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