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    A traitor on the Jedi Council?

    I'm not sure if this has ever been brought up before or if the rumours are even true. Do you believe there is a traitor on the Council? If so who?

    I'm betting it's Plo Koon, he just looks like he's up to no good.

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    the master jedi
    If there is a traitor my guess would be mace windu. His personality just doesn't seem right as a jedi to me.

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    If there is one I do not think it is Plo Koon.

    I am not sure but if there was one it probably would not be Plo Koon. Why? Because I think he is cool!

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    It's Yoda, it must be Yoda!! How else does he survive the Jedi Purge?? And escape death at Vader's hand??!!


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    the master jedi
    Then how would Obi-Wan have survived, bigbarada?

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    Since before we learned for sure that Eeth Koth and Darth Maul were the same species, I've felt that Eeth Koth would eventually become a traitor, though not like Vader/Anakin. Koth's lightsaber is very similar to Maul's (though he "traded" it with Mace Windu, which is why Mace's saber was changed in later promo stuff to match Maul's) and they looked the same, now we learn that they're the same species... I dunno, I think Lucas is setting Koth up to be a baddie.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    What would everyone think if it IS Koth?

    My initial reaction is that it would be pretty weak. Why go with Maul's species as another Sith? If there is a traitor, I think it should be from a different race.

    What are some possible story twists in which Mace Windu could be the enemy? I might like that . . .

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    Maybe Yarael Poof sells the Jedi out as payback for all the years of taunting by the other members of the Council:

    Yoda: "Earwax build-up I have. Loan me your head you will, Master Poof! Heh, heh, heh."

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    Cool first of all.....

    Many of the Jedi Council Members in Ep. I will not be on the Council in Ep. II. I think it'll be, if anyone, Luminara. If she is on the Council. She is the new character that is shown on the official website. She just looks suspicious........
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    The more I think about Koth, the goofier it sounds. How could Maul be so mysterious when he's not even the only member of his race in TPM?

    We fans are not supposed to know his homeworld (unless there's some EU I'm unaware of). Anyway, within the story line Obi-Wan should be able to relay the news to the Council that Maul was of the same species as Koth.


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