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    A-Wing is a Target exclusive!?!?!

    Great another target eclusive I will have to pay double for...I hate Hasbro.

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    You don't have to pay double, if you order them from a place like Yestertoys that is only a couple bucks more then retail typically. Don't give into Ebay, that leads to the dark side.

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    Oh, that's just great! Another Scalper Exclusive
    Of course that's just my opinion...I could be wrong!

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    Re: A-Wing is a Target exclusive!?!?!

    Originally posted by jedi-cpa
    Great another target eclusive I will have to pay double for...I hate Hasbro.
    I don't know where you live, but there has got to be a Target within driving distance. These won't be hard to find. The B Wing was much cooler and a totaly new vehicle and it was plentiful. It even made it to the clearance isle for around $10.00. Such will be the case witht the A Wing.
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    Yes sir, icatch9......I drive about 25 miles to and from work and a minor detour and WHAM!! 2 Targets are right there and boom...a little further south and boom..2 more Targets.

    All worth visiting.....for the exclusives that elude other forum members...

    or to share.
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    There are about a million Targets where I live, but I never was able to find the Skiff or Y-wing..... The B-wing was around in abundance though, and I did find that one on clearance

    I really do want one of those A-wings though, lets hope they ship in larger numbers like the B-wings did!

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    Yep, there is a Target and a Super Target in my neck of the woods, and the B-wings and the Luke Speeder bikes made it to clearence at both of them. But I agree that yestertoys is a good alternative. They have been very good to me and the prices are with in reason. I wish the exclusives would go away however...
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    I live in th same area as Dark Marble, so same situation. Target is usuall good with exclusives, but unfortunately I never got the Skiff or B-wing even at $10, I didn't have cash. But, I never see any of the Wal-Mart exclusives (other than the Cantina sets and the Holiday set, but only for a short while), so I'm glad that Target has them.
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    Location, location, its all about location
    I work down the street (actually a few blocks north) of the Target HQ and HQ store and the B-wing was non-existant at the store, and the Troop builder packs were scarce or non-existant for a long time and to date...I've only seen a hand full and most have been the Hoth pack. The target by my house has totally eliminated their star wars section for the hulk stuff, and turtles.

    I do wonder if I'll see the A-wing at that store or the HQ. If not there's a target on almost every corner here in MN.

    I think it all has to do with distribution from the regional offices.

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    Actually there is only one Target(not a Super Target either) near me within a reasonable driving distance, so I understand how frustating it can be trying to get anything exclusive there. But what exactly is the difference between this A-wing and last. I have an extra one of those packed up in the garage.


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