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    Marvel Legends IV are gonna rock!

    Pretty cool huh? To see a TON of detailed pics (in the packages and out), head on over here & scroll down a bit (past the DC stuff):

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    Series 5 is going to rock harder! Bring on Colossus!

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    I really want to see all of the Avengers released after seeing that one photo with both old and new figures.

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    although I'm not very familiar with the character, I think I have to get the Punisher fig, he looks sweet as hell
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    Punisher looks great, Elektra looks pretty good except I've never been a huge fan of the character anyway, Beast is awesome aside from his head being a bit on the huge side, and Gambit just is not a character I'd ever tend to think of as a Marvel Comics Legend. Colossus, Storm or Nightcrawler would've seemed a much better choice for this line than Gambit could ever be.
    So many other characters should've been done before Gambit...

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    Going to have to get the Beast figure, though I wish the headsculpt was a bit better looking. Oh well, atleast it's not that abomination Kitty Beast from the new comics. Ugh.

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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    Oh well, atleast it's not that abomination Kitty Beast from the new comics. Ugh.
    There's no such thing such thing...

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    They're making Colossus ? AWESOME ! :happy:

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    I'm not a Gambit fan at all, and I could live with or without Beast....and ELektra, but overall, I like all of the figs, and will get them all. Punisher looks fantastic.
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    Im in "agreeance" w Adam - series 5 will be the best. I wants me Silver Surfer.....


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