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    New Guard found in KB Toys!! Check them out

    KB TOYS has the New guard in Central California!

    All three of the Kb's had four each of guards.

    They are finally showing up!!!

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    New guard? What figure are you talking about?
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    He's talking about the 12" Gammorean Guard. I'm gonna go looking for one 2day!

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    got mine today at KB. realize that it's KB so automatically it'll cost more than anywhere else ('cept maybe FAO). but is 29.99 really necessary for a 12" fig with only 2 axes as accessories. could understand charging more if there was a large secondary accessory/outfit. but for a 12" fig with very limited articulation (arms, head, & neck) does this mean we're paying for the extra girth of the fig?

    can't find my receipt at the moment, but think that's the same price i paid for the 12" jango which was loaded with accessories.

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    Yeah, I figured it out later. Looks cool, but I avoid the 12" line. I spend enough money already.
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    I don't get that many 12" figures but I really want this one. I'll get it and risk it going on sale.
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