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    Would anyone buy astro droid sets

    Say Hasbro decided to release sets of repainted droids like R2s, R3s, and R4s in assorted colors, would I be the only one to buy them, and Mark2D2?

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    Heck no, I bet almost everyone here would buy something like that. I know I would!

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    I'd like some astro droids. they should think about making a 3 or 4 pack of those, with some other misc. stuff like they do with some of the other multi figure w/accessories.
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    buckle up. no really, buckle up.
    sign me up for sure!
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    I'd love to see some sets of droids!!I'm sure they would be a huge hit..I'd buy at least three packs
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    I would buy em. Wy not? Droids are always fun.
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    Definitely! Starting with the various R2s from ANH...
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    Look at how well those "Star Tours" droids are selling. Hasbro could clean up with an astro mech 4 pack. They could market it with the Imperial 4-pack, Bounty Hunter 4-pack and Hoth 4-pack!
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    We have talked about this a few times and heck yeah I'd love it! Astros are my favorite droids, but if Hasbro was to put together a droid 4 pack, they would probably throw in 3 rehash and one new repaint. This what I thnk Hasbro would do, POTF2 C-3PO, POTF2 R2-D2, POTF2 2-1B Medic and another repaint R3. Just another set to buy for one figure. Prove me wrong Hasbro.
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    If they re-packed the red astro mech from the Queen's Royal Star Ship it would sell like hotcakes, no matter what other droids they put in the set.

    Just my opinion.
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