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Thread: re-rerelease ??

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    re-rerelease ??

    has anyone heard this ??

    Recent rumors suggest that George Lucas has actually shot additional footage to be added into the original STAR WARS trilogy again.

    According to the E! cable channel, this new footage will be added, once again, to STAR WARS, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and RETURN OF THE JEDI with plams for future re-releases. The cabler reports that these Special Edtions of Special Editions will hit theaters "some time in the middle of this decade."

    E! also reports that Lucas has finished writing EPISODE III, which seems unlikely given his yen for tinkering.
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    The rumor was that after all the movies were out on DVD, he was going to release a super "Archival Set" of the Saga with added scenes shot during the Prequel trilogy. For example, shots of Bail Organa on Alderaan when it blows up, etc...

    So far, none of this has been substantiated by Lucas.

    Lucas has started pre production on certain scenes for episode III, production design and such. he hasn't actually written dialogue and everything, but he has ideas about how he wants some of the major scenes in the movie to play (Obi Wan vs Anakin etc) so he's got everybody working on those while he writes III and Edits II.

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    Wow !!

    Wow... it's really cool how you know what George Lucas is thinking.

    Anyway... this rumor came from Cinescape and it leans towards a re-release of the classic trilogoy in the theater again. ??

    With even more added scenes...
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    Bad news. If the story at is to be believed (and it seems to be quoting a more reliable source than the last time this was reported--namely Lucas himself by way of E! news tonight), then we will get Special Special Super Duper Whatever Ya Wanna Call 'Em Editions:

    Here's a complete description of what was on E! news tonight.
    The next TV guide issue features a special interview with George.

    Here are some quotes from the show:

    "The movie will be darker than Episode 1. Episode 3 will be darker still. Episode three will be darker still."

    "Episode three, I believe, is written... and some shots have already been filmed for episode three."

    "Lucas reports that he shot additional scenes for the original films."

    "They will be used to insert into the first three movies to sort of make the complete version of the Star Wars story, some time in the middle of this decade."
    I just hope the Bail scenes in ANH that were rumored don't materialize. And that Lucas will take a hint from his buddy Spielberg and release the original versions of the CT on DVD!
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    You know what? I was bothered by many of the Special Editions additions, it was like cloning Leonardo Di Vinci today, and have him take the Mona Lisa and change her to be a blonde. If this rumor of even MORE changes to shoehorn the prequels into the classic trilogy, that would seem to me like clone-Di Vinci deciding the Mona Lisa's smile needed teeth.
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    Originally farted out of the mouth by xboywonder
    Wow... it's really cool how you know what George Lucas is thinking.

    "The beginning of September we will begin working on conceptual designs for Episode III - Certain sequences George has in mind that haven't been written down yet." -Rick McCallum

    -Taken from Star Wars Insider #57 pg. 13

    Look it up if you want, Chump.

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    I more than a little apprehensive about the addition of even more stuff to the OT. I know that I would appreciate a DVD release of the non-SE OT; but I'm beginning to think that won't happen. Looks like I'll have to shell out for some of those pirate OT DVDs I've seen on ebay.

    I think Lucas is thinking about how the saga will be viewed by future generations after the release of EP3, but he's leaving the fans, who put him where he is in the first place, out in the cold.
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    Lucas can add all he wants to any film in the series, and I'll watch it too, probably. But I also have 2 copies of the OT that aren't SE, and those will always be superior to any SE that comes out.

    It would be nice though that after EIII, the OT gets re-re-rereleased in theatres, just so we can see them on the big screen again.
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    I'm ambivalent about these Super-Special Editions. I'd really like it if Lucas would stop screwing with my favorite movies. However, I confess I'd love to see Ian McDiarmid as the Emperor in ESB, instead of the evil monkey-eyed lady.

    In fact, I remeber reading several years ago, I think just prior to Ep1's release, that someone at ILM was working on the Vader/Ben duel from ANH. What they were doing, and if that is related to this current rumor, remains to be seen.

    Lucas has been saying for quite some time that he envisions showing all six movies, in sequence, in the theater when the last one is done. Whether or not he pulls this off, who knows.

    I too am hopefull that we will see the OT, as originally released, on the future DVDs. I think that there may be a decent chance for this happening, despite GL's past insistance that the SEs ( or now the S-SEs) are the only versions that will ever be released.

    And those Ebay DVDs? I bought a set, and they're not any better than the source VHS. The only good thing is that I can watch'em on my laptop. Now if someone puts the LaserDisc versions on DVD, that might be a bootleg worth buying.
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    Originally stated by Rollo Tomassi
    Look it up if you want, Chump.
    I really like how you spell Chump...
    But trying to speak for George Lucas as if you know what he is thinking, when actually you read it in the Insider is just uncalled for.

    C'mon... I'm sure there are kids reading this message board.
    do you want the kids to think you have some kinda voodoo mind link with George Lucas.

    I mean haven't the kids been through enough with that whole Jar Jar thing.... in fact haven't we all....

    Shame on you.
    Collecting Star Wars figures ain't like dustin' crops boy !!


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