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    The Jedi Apprentice books about young Obi-Wan - anyone read them?

    I'm actually re-reading this series for my 2nd or 3rd time.

    I think I read them my 2nd time when I was reviewing them for Rogues' Gallery.

    They are really good, and Jude Watson's a great writer. Xanatos was an awesome adversary!
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    Yep. I think I read all of them except the last Special Edition book. They are very good reads. And quick too. Since each one is only a hundred pages or so you can plow through it an afternoon.

    I haven't started on the Jedi Quest books yet, though. I have the first three.
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    I have them up until The Shattered Peace. They're good reads.

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    The Jedi Apprentice series was great, especially from #1-12. The last few books weren't as good (#13-18), and I did not like the Special Edition much, but Jude Watson is definately one of the top SW authors out there.
    The Jedi Quest is falling a little flat, to me.
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    I love Jude Watson's writing too. But I wholeheartedly agree:

    1) She doesn't have a grasp on Anakin's character that well that it registers for me. I'll have to re-read my JediQuest books when I'm done with my Pre-Prequel books (I'm re-reading the entire chronology in order, trying to account for the Star Wars Tales episodes that fit in, too!)

    2) Anakin is hard to write for, because we've seen him at 9 with no Jedi training, and at 19 with 10 years of new training. In between, what were his tough lessons he learned? She can write a compare-contrast epic, set against Obi-Wan's youth's story - where Anakin makes all the opposite stories, but that lacks the subtlety of the situation. Anakin just had a different upbringing and aims for the general good, but with what's very practical for solutions for him.

    3) The Special Editions were too much. They tried to tell 2 stories, and relate them to each other- a good idea in theory. But, do that in two books. Like if Xanatos were still alive and Anakin faced him now. Fans will appreciate it, newbies won't really need the background. I enjoyed Fett in the Classics before I saw AOTC - same point.

    9 times out of 10 though, Jude Watson is Star Wars best author. It still amazes me how she finds interesting plots to build upon.
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    I just finished reading the Xanatos story-arc.

    Jedi Apprentice 1-8. These were so good!

    I love the Master-Apprentice relationship between Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. I regret we could not have had many more years of Star Wars with these two on adventures together.

    I'll be continuing to read the Jedi Apprentice series onward and upward now, but I loved the first 8. This is the third time I've read those!

    In the later books though, Siri and Adi Gallia will play a greater role, and that will be cool. I feel they were better developed than Luminara and Bariss, and that I know the first pair of ladies better. I wished Siri was in the movie, but sometimes I want to pretend one of the Jedi in the arena battle is her. It's not though. The video games add to the continuity and they tell that Siri, a full Jedi Knight by E2 (she's 2 years younger than Obi-Wan, so she'd have been 32 in AOTC) flew Delta-Sevens in air support of the ground troops. Her former master, a Corellian Jedi pilot, flew with her.

    In my Battle of Geonosis diorama, I have an Adi Gallia figure piloting a Jedi starfighter. I keep thinking Scarlett, from GI Joe, would make a great Siri Taichi figure...
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    The Shattered Peace was really good. I'd forgotten all the turns and twists in that story, and it was inspiring how they managed to avoid a war, while the peaceful Hawaii-like setting for most of the story made me feel like I had a vacation!

    In hindsight, having read some of the Jedi Quest books, I can honestly say Qui-Gon is 10 times a better teacher than Obi-Wan.

    Qui-Gon always has this sense of wisdom and experience about him. Obi-Wan is just chiding Anakin like a parent. He's not sure of himself and not even clued in to POSSIBILITIES for how Anakin will react. No wonder they had problems.

    If Qui-Gon had trained Anakin, there would be no Darth Vader!
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    I'm reading the final Jedi Apprentice Books for my first time now.

    They are awesome!

    Mace Windu comes in to take over a mission to New Apsolon after Tahl is killed! Furthermore, she'd become the Mon Calamari girl's Jedi Master, (that's Bant Erin for anyone needing a memory jog).

    Even more surprising? Qui-Gon had been in love with Tahl and they had planned to join one another in some sort of way quite like marriage! They did not seem to have intentions of leaving the Jedi Order, but their romance was being kept a secret!

    Qui-Gon is 52 years old in this part of the Jedi Apprentice series and must be going through a mid-life crisis. Marriage? Love? It is forbidden for a Jedi, let alone 2 of them!

    Now Qui-Gon is out for revenge - or at least it looks like that, as he is investigating Tahl's killer independently of Mace taking over the main Jedi mission and enlisting Obi-Wan and Bant under his authority. But the bodies keep turning up and it looks like Qui-Gon is killing them all to achieve one main act of revenge!

    These are books 14-16:

    The Ties That Bind
    The Death of Hope
    The Call to Vengeance
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    Ahhh! Spoilers!

    You make me want to go out and buy some more of those.. I may have to soon.

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    Well, I read #17, "The Only Witness."

    It was slightly (and barely) disappointing, but still worth reading.

    Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan must protect the teenage widow of a young mafia family member, who is going to testify against the Sopranos family.

    Qui-Gon heals from the pain of Tahl's recent death, while surprisingly, in a take off "The Bodyguard," 16 year old Obi-Wan falls in love with Lena, the witness.

    The end of the story is not quite resolved. Obi-Wan manages to save her from one last surprise attack (and twist) in the story, but she leaves Coruscant to return to her homeworld, and it's not known if the two will maintain their friendship or if Obi-Wan will ever see her again. Curiously enough, Qui-Gon wouldn't forbid that or interfere with that. He's much more informal and non-conforming than the typical picture you might have of a Jedi Master.

    In any case, Fregon, the planet that organized crime is controlling, is actually a beautifully described place that would seem to make an awesome place to vacation and visit. Think "Mainstreet USA" with a lot of pretty parkland and smalltown feel (like what Disney parks tries to create at their theme lands - just Fregon doesn't have the rides).

    Anyway, worth a read, while just not too impressive. So in hindsight, I was only disappointed because "The Only Witness" is not up to the excitement level that most of Jude Watson's other Jedi Apprentice books are.

    The Jenna Zan Arbor / Ona Nobis Bounty Hunter series of the Jedi Apprentice stories #11-13, are really worth your reading too!

    An evil chick scientist captures Qui-Gon with a deadly girl bounty hunter, and they are draining his blood to try and learn how to capture the Force so that others can have this ability transplanted into them. A cool story about science and murder mysteries with an awesome bounty hunter, this is "The Deadly Hunter, The Evil Experiment, and The Dangerous Rescue." Great books that rival the Xanatos stories for the best of Jedi Apprentice!

    But the series with the mission of Tahl's was equally awesome, "The Ties that Bind, The Death of Hope, A Call to Vengeance." They were surprisingly intriguing for an adventure on "a common, human-occupied world."

    But it also made me realize that human Jedi would most often be sent out to work on human worlds. There are alien Jedi to serve their own people, except in the cases where it would be worse - like for a Twi'Lek Jedi from the wrong clan being sent to work with Ryloth's government, and an alien (non-Twi'Lek) Jedi might be a better choice in the particular case - or when the need is too urgent.

    Anyway, did I mention Mace Windu plays a big role in "A Call to Vengeance?" Great writing!
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