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    Ashla & Jempa, Yoda & Chian for Trade

    I have an Ashla & Jempa and a Yoda & Chian. The cards are in great condition.

    I am interested in trading for the following:


    They can be loose or on non-mint cards since I will open them. I will trade one-to-one (e.g. Ashla & Jempa for R2-Q5).

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    I may know where i can get an r2-Q5 to trade for yoda/chian, it'll take about a week to track it down, though- if interested

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    Yes, I am interested. I'll keep it on hold for a week or two or until I hear back from you. It won't be going anywhere in the meanwhile. Ashla & Jempa are still available.

    I have also noticed that both of these cards have a sticker with a corrected UPC placed on the bubble over the UPC on the printed insert. Does that make these figures an error variation?

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    your fig's

    i can get a r2-q5 out of my closet in about 5 minutes
    let me know which figure i can have.

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    tgr3328 Sent U a pm. I have both droids.

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    r2-q5 update

    I've located that r2-q5 (plus a few extras) but no r4's. pm w/ trade details if you want to do the trade for yoda/chian- i don't need the asha/jempa as i'll be geting an extra one of them soon)

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    have r4-m9 for the ashla & jempa

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    Sorry, I have already traded for R4-M9 and R2-Q5.

    However, I still have left at least one each of Yoda & Chian and Ashla & Jempa. There are a one or two traders I am waiting to hear from, but I think I can assume they are no longer interested.

    I wouldn't mind trading for Star Tours, Expanded Universe, or Jabba's band members. I know these are scarce, so make an offer for what you think is fair.

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    I have all three of the band pairs but the cards are a little beat up. I also have the first 2 Star Tours, REX and G2-4T. Let me know. I also have some other figs so let me know.
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    Beat-up cards are fine, since I will open. In fact, it prevents the guilt of opening a good card!

    I believe I has one Yoda & Chian and two Ashla & Jempa remaining.

    How does a two-for-one trade for a Max rebo pair sound?


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