You know what I was just thinking? Well, how could you, unless I post it, right?

I was thinking that the 12" collection keeps excitement brewing for Classic Star Wars fans.


It's been such a long time ago that we got 3 3/4" figures for:

Imperial Officers
Lando SKiff Guard
ATST Driver
the Max Rebo Band Members
the Gamorrean Guard (another perfect highlight from the POTF2 collection)

so that's all old news to us.

They're even going to re-lease a Target exclusive with the Gamorrean figure rehashed.

BUT WE JUST GOT A FRIGGIN HUGE Gamorrean Guard action figure and an equally accurate proportioned Zuckuss for our 12" Collection!!

How cool is that?!!

12" (and PlaysKool and Unleashed) keep bringing the magic back!