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    Christmas Movies

    Wheather yer ready or not folks, Christmas time's a comin! Here are some cool movies to watch on Xmas eve.

    Nightmare Before Christmas (a no-brainer really. you could watch it on Halloween too)
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon, not the Jim Carrey remake)
    Batman Returns (more of a dark, gothic, Caped Crusader Christmas)
    A Muppet Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens's classic story has been done by everyone and their dog, from Bill Murray to the Jetsons to Alvin and the Chipmunks. But the Muppets version definatley has to be my favorite)
    Edward Scissorhands (less of a huge Xmas theme here, but it's still a good one)
    It's A Wonderful Life (also a no-brainer. one of the best Christmas Movies ever made)
    Star Wars Holiday Special (just kidding folks)

    anyone think of any others?

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    My personal favorite, of all the Dicken's Christmas Carols, is the one that stars Alistar Simm (sp?). It's pretty old (1951 I think) and is in black and white (although they do have a crappy color version). But it is the best portrayal of Scrooge I have seen (I still haven't seen George C. Scott's version but this version has a full-blooded Englishman). My family owns it on VHS and we watch it every year during Christmas week. It gives us a nice tingly feeling. A lot of stations too run it, around this time of the year. I highly recommend it.:happy:
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    Don't forget the mother of all XMas flicks, A Christmas Story! Bring on the 24 hr. marathon TBS!

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    Okay, MC, you picked up the glaring omission from Robin's original list.

    Don't forget that Ghostbusters II also takes place at Christmas.

    And Jingle All The Way was actually a really fun movie.
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    Are you kidding???

    Lethal Weapon and the First two Die Hard movies are standard Christmas fare around my place...

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    How could I forget A Christmas Story? "Ye'll shoot yer eye out, kid!" LOL

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    National Lampoon's Christmas.

    Come on people, with the exception of Christmas Story, this is the definitive Christmas movie.

    I also like Jingle All the Way and the Santa Clause, both are really funny as well.
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    Thumbs up MC is right!

    'A Christmas Story'.....

    Perfectly captures the magic of Santa through a little boy's eyes. How I can relate!

    Santa brought my BB gun at age 10. I didn't shoot my eye out, but did I get doinked in the forhead by one of those nasty ricochets!

    Best Christmas-message movie for me: 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' (if it counts as a movie.....).
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    National Lampoon's Christmas Vac. it the best
    Charlie Brown's Christmas- all time favoite
    Loved the Christmas story
    The Muppet Chritmas Carol-Very good

    And by the way,George C Scott's verion is very good and worth seeing
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    Don't forget that slasher horror flick in where a snowman comes to life and starts killing everything in site.

    It's demanded Christmas viewing in our house. It warms us all inside
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