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    7 1.54%
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    [Imperial] Senator McCallum, still the DragQueen of planet -Tax-You, is returning to the Empire to vote on the critical issue of FIGURING OUT NEW WAYS TO CHARGE THE FANS to help their overwhelmed Accountants...
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    Originally posted by kidhuman
    I second Caesars post.
    Cool, then that doubles my contribution. So lets see . . . my 0 dollars plus your 0 dollars, heck that makes a whopping 0 dollars !

    Now if only everyone else would chip in, we can get this pot growing in no time !

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    I honestly don't visit the site much as it is. Besides I hate those annoying pop-up, and I refuse to pay to keep 'em off my screen, I would just rather not go there. Besides, If I really wanted to avoid all pop-ups I could buy a simple program to take care of that.

    Will this "exclusive content" be downloadable? I doubt it, since everyone and their brother would just pass it out like candy after they downloaded it. So that would mean that you have to go back to their site every time you wanted to view the content.

    I think this is the worst thing to happen to fans since the Power of the Force line ended in 1985.
    May the force be with you.

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    "The last time I was thirsty, I did not put a quarter in my television set so I could watch a commerical about Coca-Cola before I decided to go out and buy one."

    While this is a cute metaphor, it's not really a good analogy. It could also be argued that the toys are just marketing products to sell movie tickets, or in the reverse, that the films only exist to sell toys, games, and comforters. The reality is that the fans have asked for more, more, more product, and Lucasfilm being a business is only happy to oblige.

    To rail against Lucasfilm for being overly commercial seems a bit much. When has Lucasfilm NOT been out to make money on their properties? I could understand the sardonic tone of your post if Star Wars were a publically owned entity, and if information about it was a public service, but it's not. In fact, SSG uses Star Wars news and content to generate revenue just like (although admittedly on a much smaller, and less obtrusive scale.) My point is that Lucasfilm is offering a premium service with SOME benefits, and while they may not seem like tremendous benefits to YOU, they are nevertheless value-added services for which they are asking people to pay. Does it mean that the amount you pay is worth the benefit you receive? Not really, but I'd argue that the same holds true for MOST starwars stuff, from over-priced figures to high-priced movie tickets. Let's not blame Lucasfilm for rolling out a new program to make money. They are, after all, in the business of it!

    I am not at all interested in the service and wouldn't pay for access even at $5 a month, but that's me.

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    Add my donation

    Originally posted by Caesar
    Cool, then that doubles my contribution. So lets see . . . my 0 dollars plus your 0 dollars, heck that makes a whopping 0 dollars !

    Now if only everyone else would chip in, we can get this pot growing in no time !
    here's my two rather no cents (or is that NONSENSE?)

    Anyway, this should be free. Besides my huge collection, the fanclub membership and many memberships in net sites including the official one, I went to college getting a degree in Industrial Design which taught me about model making, special effects, robotics and so on. This as a direct result in wanting to connect closer to the movies, besides which it was a hope and dream to work for Lucas someday in someway. SO I LITERALLY have over $50K invested into SW.


    I'm prone to swear at this point so just use your imagination here.....@#^&#%$*&^$%@##))!&!&+

    They're not just squeezing a few bucks out of us, they are squeezing the life.

    I'm reminded of a quote from Leia to Tarkin....."The more you tighten you grip, the more starsystems will slip through your fingers."
    Move along, move along

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    Seeing is how I only go to the"offical" site a couple times a year I voted no. There is little they could offer me that I'd pay for. Photos: If is anything AOTC most of those photos sucked and SW Insider reprinted them anyway. Concept art: I think it fun to look at after the fact and see how idea evolved. But I have little interest in other wise. Cast info: Who cares. We know about the major players already and there might be one or two major new characters. Beyond that maybe these people have 10 minutes of screen time. News: Between SSG and SW Insider I got all the news I want (or need). Trailers: Maybe. But in all likely hood I see the trailer seen enough.
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    buckle up. no really, buckle up.
    oh I will!... let see here... reaching around in my pockets... searching... searching... hmm, seems the only thing I have to offer is a bird in each hand. ..l.. ..l..

    if EIII is the last one we're getting I want to savour it. I've stayed out the free forums on the topic so why would I pay to have it ruined for me.

    Tycho brings up one other point I want to touch on. as a web designer I am very familiar with things like bandwidth and monthly hosting bills. I couldn't even begin to imagine what it costs to keep this site running every month. but I thank you for doing it! for those that don't understand what I talking about; everytime each one of us loads/reloads a page, checks out the images in the cdb or members collections, ..., ..., it costs SirSteve et all money. and it adds up fast. if you don't think so or have never thought about - know this and know it well - this site is an incredible privilege and we are all very lucky to have it. thanks again guys!!
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    Honestly, I only go to the official site when I'm prompted by a link on this site. No matter how much they charge for it, I'm sure somebody will still be giving information to these forums.

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    Basically the only thing i read on thde "Official" site is photo captions, and those submitted are usually pretty lame. I think they should pay me to view their site.
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