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    I think it is really stupid how is doing that! I mean what? Does Lucasfilm really need money that bad?!
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    Originally posted by seth_quinn
    Tycho brings up one other point I want to touch on. as a web designer I am very familiar with things like bandwidth and monthly hosting bills. I couldn't even begin to imagine what it costs to keep this site running every month. but I thank you for doing it! for those that don't understand what I talking about; everytime each one of us loads/reloads a page, checks out the images in the cdb or members collections, ..., ..., it costs SirSteve et all money. and it adds up fast. if you don't think so or have never thought about - know this and know it well - this site is an incredible privilege and we are all very lucky to have it. thanks again guys!!
    I was totally clueless on how much it cost to keep a website up, or that posting on that site cost money, until about a year ago when I was posting on the a section of the EZ-boards. Then fellow posters started making comments about all these posts I was making. I was like, "well it's free to post, right?" and it was then I was told that the person who owns that board has to pay everytime a post takes a hit, and everytime I would post others would hit on that topic to see what was new. Since then, I have paid something toward the boards. I still refuse to pay to see stuff on
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    The only reason I would consider paying for the would be the EP 2 deleted scene (which should have been on the DVD), but it's not even FINISHED..... so I think not. As for the cartoons, how about I just WATCH THEM ON TV or will THEY BE PAY-PER-VIEW?????
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    I would imagine that once the pay site opens up someone will get ahold of the premium content and stick some stuff on a mirror site. I bought the EP1 DVD but never could log on to to view the "mystery" trailer since I didn't own a DVD-ROM drive at the time. I ended up seeing the trailer on a mirror site. I predict the same thing will happen to the unfinished droid ship invasion scene 0.01 seconds after it is posted on
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    i won't be subscribing to ( the only thing that would get my interest is if we got to see really good stuff, like the "dailies" of actual stuff they just filmed, along with a "studio" cam, which would broadcast a live feed from the australia soundstages so we could see what was going on on the set. and if they threw in episode 3 story boards, animatics, and the script, i'd reconsider.

    but i'm not paying for stuff i'll see here or the for free.
    i'd rather support this and other star wars sites advertisers than pay for a commercial.

  6. #26 can kiss __ ___! I don't want to know about EP3 until I'm sitting in the seat at AMC anyways.
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    Sorry Lucas. James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich's club are the only thing I'm willing to pay for to join. As much as I want to see a rough cut of a deleted scene, I'll pass and use my funds to keep another web based pay club operating.
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    Originally posted by zeroplate
    "The last time I was thirsty, I did not put a quarter in my television set so I could watch a commerical about Coca-Cola before I decided to go out and buy one."

    While this is a cute metaphor, it's not really a good analogy. It could also be argued that the toys are just marketing products to sell movie tickets, or in the reverse, that the films only exist to sell toys, games, and comforters. The reality is that the fans have asked for more, more, more product, and Lucasfilm being a business is only happy to oblige.

    To rail against Lucasfilm for being overly commercial seems a bit much. When has Lucasfilm NOT been out to make money on their properties? I could understand the sardonic tone of your post if Star Wars were a publically owned entity, and if information about it was a public service, but it's not. In fact, SSG uses Star Wars news and content to generate revenue just like (although admittedly on a much smaller, and less obtrusive scale.) My point is that Lucasfilm is offering a premium service with SOME benefits, and while they may not seem like tremendous benefits to YOU, they are nevertheless value-added services for which they are asking people to pay. Does it mean that the amount you pay is worth the benefit you receive? Not really, but I'd argue that the same holds true for MOST starwars stuff, from over-priced figures to high-priced movie tickets. Let's not blame Lucasfilm for rolling out a new program to make money. They are, after all, in the business of it!

    I am not at all interested in the service and wouldn't pay for access even at $5 a month, but that's me.
    Interesting comments. I'll continue to think them over. My immediate reaction is to suggest that toys and other "memorabilia" fall into a separate category. I definitely agree that they exist as a marketing entity towards the films, but as so many other things are "multi-platform," so is Star Wars. (It might even be argued that Star Wars is responsible for this trend!)

    Anyhow, this begs the questions: Are the toys (et al) marketing tools to help sell movie tickets or are the movies a marketing tool to sell the merchandise? It could be a chicken/egg thing, but in my opinion, it's all one big grey glob of financial opportunity for Lucasfilm. Each entity helps sell the other.

    However, what might set the movies and toys apart from something like web content is how they were introduced into the marketplace. We've always had to pay $ to see the movies. We've always had to pay $ to have the toys. Web content arrived on the Internet as a clear and defined way of "selling" the franchise by feeding behind the scenes information as well as other "fan interests" (such as toys and interactive games/activities). So while the toys are related to the films, they are their own thing entirely. The web content is dependent upon everything else going on with Star Wars, including the films, the toys, the games, and other assorted merchandise. The web content can't exist for long without those other items, whereas the other things have lives of their own.

    For that reason, is really nothing more than an interactive commercial for the whole kit-n-kaboodle (sp?). By having an everpresent "presence," they can attempt to keep Star Wars information and interest alive even if broadcast television and print publications cease running stories about it. Which is all well and good, but to ask the fanbase to pay for it is ridiculous. We'll all get to pay good money to see the entire film soon enough. Why we'd want to pay to see the commercials leading up to it is beyond me.

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    I think it is unfair to charge. It should be free! Lucas makes enough money.

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    to me the easiest way to look at this is to look back at pro wrestling as an example. wrestling's big events were not always pay-per-view. but they realized there was more money to be had by charging those that couldn't get tix to watch the event as well. there were still the weekly matches you could watch on your regular cable channel but to get these exclusive matches you had to pay to see it. is taking the same approach. you can get your regular information, but if you want additional it will cost you. no one can force you to pay and visit the site. can you live without the new 'exclusive' content on hyperspace, SURE. can you miss a wrestling pay-per-view, ABSOLUTELY. but there are enough people out there that feel its a valuable enough way to spend their money and will purchase a membership for hyperspace.

    it's not worth any amount of admission fee to me. give it some time after posting and it'll be common knowledge - i may not get to view the info directly, but i'll know what's there. enough to keep me happy. if wants to charge admission, fine by me (afterall it is their website). i rarely have reason to visit there anyway.


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