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    I guess Vader is going to rank kind of high, huh.
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    Would it be possible for good ol' Darth to take both #1 spots? I mean he did wipe out the Jedi and kill the Emperor. How much more balanced can you get?
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    My Top 10 Heroes

    10. Robocop
    9. Luke Skywalker
    8. George Newman
    7. Ash
    6. T-800 from T2
    5. Ben from Night of the Living Dead
    4. Blade
    3. Roddy P.'s character from They Live
    2. Indiana Jones
    1. Lobot

    Let's see how many I can get in the Top 10!

    My Top 10 Villians

    10. Lecter
    9. The Thing (1982)
    8. ZOMBIES!
    7. Evil Ash
    6. Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs
    5. The killer from Se7en
    4. Morlocks!
    3. Ash's Evil Hand
    2. Gage Creed, how can a man kill his own son again.
    1. Darth Vader
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    Ash Rules!

    Props to Lobot for being the strong, silent type.
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    Hero who is so nice he says his name twice? I wonder if they mean Bond, James Bond?
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    Sounds about right.

    Doesn't look good for any more SW characters on the Hero side. I guess Luke & Leia were in the bottom 50.

    Vader looks like he'll be taking one of the top Villain spots.
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    Booo Hisss!

    Vader should be #1!!!!
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    Vader is number 3
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    out of the original 400 nominees on the ballot, SW had

    Obiwan (PT h)
    Obiwan (OT h)
    Han (h)
    Luke (h)
    Leia (h)

    Harrison Ford had 6 nominations.

    John Book (Witness)
    Indiana J.
    Deckard (Bladerunner)
    Jack Ryan
    Dr. Kimball (The Fugitive)
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    Oh man, Hannibal! I love the character! A villian you actually want to see win. Oh Hopkins, you played him well. I'm not upset by the villian winner.

    Now let's see who got the number one hero.........Oh boy, To Kill A Mockingbird, I'm done with this list. Where's the Robocop love?
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