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    Ahnuld hosts 100 Heroes & Villains

    I think I'll watch this tonight. Anybody wanna place bets? Soooo, is it like 50 of each? Or 100 of each? Is it every other one or completely random? Is #1 a hero or a villain? Where do you think Vader is? Or Luke? Spidey? 007? Hannibal Lechter? The Alien Queen? Blofeld? Darth Maul? Wolverine? Batman? Superman? John McClane? Will Ahnuld make it onto BOTH lists?

    By the way, have you ever noticed that every time somebody writes an article about Schwarznegger, they spell his name like he pronounces it. They think they are being clever. But everybody does it. I bet the man hasn't had his name properly printed in twenty years. That's gotta suck for him.
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    Vader is consistently in the top spot of most polls for best villain, so he should definitely be up there. I saw a couple of minor spoilers, and the Terminator was, I think, #13.

    My money's definitely on some characters from X-Men showing up, though I doubt they will. Logan, Magnus, and Jubilation definitely belong on that list! (Oh, it's "heroes and villains," not "heroes, villains, and really cool characters with less than one minute of screen time.")
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    I think the show would be even more interesting if the host was Rainier Wolfcastle or Hans unt Franz from SNL.

    I betting that the format will be a hero(ine) and his/her counterpart villain. I checked out the website for the show and it seemed that they had the heroes paired off with the corresponding villain so I believe they'll do it in pairs.
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    Freddy made the list at 40! Hot damn, he got his dues, but he was a badder dude than some of those who ranked above him.
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    Yeah! Obi-Wan got 37!
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    Oh man, Cool Hand Luke made it on the list! I love that movie
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    Julia Roberts made it in at 31.

    Has anyone else noticed how her level of acting has eroded since Erin Brockovich?
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    The Star Wars Tally so far:

    Obi-Wan - 37
    Han Solo - 14
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    I bet Lobot takes the #1 spot. Come on, Lobot!
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    I think R5-D4 takes the #1 hero spot!

    Surely we'll get an acurate figure now.
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