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    KB Toys Imperial Shuttle exclusive?

    How much do you guys think it'll cost at KB Toys? Hopefully not like it was at FAO.

    Edit: Oh I see it's already available for pre-order at their website for $100.00. (still a little bit to high)
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    Don't forget the $15 for the oversized package (by Airborne Express' standards)

    EE has the shuttle on pre order for 109 + 12 freight....that is where my order is at...

    FAO was too much for me when it came out.
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    Still, now it will be more available. KB is much more abundant than FAO, and not as pricey. So I'm glad it's a KB exclusive.
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    Maybe I can finally get a shuttle now.
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    I knew FAO was full of CRAP!!!

    I must say I am not at all surprised by this little move by our beloved Hasbro.

    First, let it be known that I do own a Shuttle that I bought from FAO. I used part of my tax refund.

    Anyway, for months leading up to FAO supposedly having this as an exclusive, I was not convinced. Hasbro's SW site had nothing on it, nor did the regular SW site. I still didn't buy into this until they actually hit the stores. So instead of ordering one and paying that outrageous shipping charge, I drove down to the store and picked it up... end of story.

    Not so fast! Look who has this new exclusive. KB has an Imp. Shuttle and guess what, it's not some freakin' national secret. has new on it, KB has news & preorder info and it's common knowledge.

    So what's my point/grip? Why in the heck couldn't Hasbro or come clean on this item when it first hit FAO? Why wasn't it just presented to the fans/collectors in a straight-forward fashion? Stop with the smoke & mirrors and tell us what's going on.

    Once again, FAO has proved itself to be a manipulator and a price gouger. And I bought into it... hook, line & part of my tax refund.
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    I filed against FAO. I will likely win because they claim that it was going to be a limited edition of 5,000 and guess what more than 5,000 have been produced.
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    I bought the FAO one from Brians. Since we don't have FAO OR KB here in in Canada's most despised province (despised by most but not by me) I have no complaints. It might be worth the trip to Bangor ME for a chance to get another one from KB. Im planning on getting three TIE Fighters too. Two and one more for to replace the cockpit of my TIE Interceptor. KB's looking pretty good this year afterall.
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    buckle up. no really, buckle up.
    what are you doing PK200? suing them under some sort of false advertising or misrepresentation? keep us updated then, oh I'm sure there are a bunch of us that will be real curious to know how it works out for ya. good luck with all that.

    as one of those people that jumped through flaming hoops like a chimp to get this, under the impression that it was to be one of the rarest items ever released and paid a small fortune doing it; I must say that I'm a bit annoyed.

    no doubt a few of these will eventually end up on kb-clearance making them affordable to a very few people that would never be able to have one any other way. for them I am beyond ecstatic. money was very tight as a child, so stumbling upon those orange cards, chicken chests and all, was a childhood dream come true. if you tried your damnedest and just couldn't get one before, I'm happy for you as well. as for the rest of you that will finally get one now that they're just $10/20 cheaper, please don't bother so that maybe I'll actually get my truly limited edition item next time. and yes I realize that I've probably just screwed myself out finding any help in getting a silver boba, so be it.

    under the original impression we were all given, I was happy with what I paid for mine, but now here we are less than six months removed and they're about to become dime-a-dozen. I have no intention of ever selling my collection and/or have ever looked at it for a single second and thought - man, am I ever going to milk some sorry sob someday for all this stuff. quite frankly I doubt I could ever get 1/4 of the money out that I've put in and I could care less. I collect because I love it and the little things associated with it, the hunt, being part of this community, and I'll admit, I do also like having a few things that make my collection special because not everybody else has them. I take an enormous amount of pride in my collection and for me, a little bragging rights seem to go along with that. if that makes me a bad person, what can I say? sorry, no one's perfect.
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    I agree that you should be frustrated over this. Everyone wants their collection to be special, and there is nothing like adding a rare piece to a collection to make it stand out. And in the case of the shuttle, it was scarse when it first came out, and it took forever to be rereleased. And from what I understand, people who ordered them from FAO were even suprised to find them on their doorsteps because they sold out so fast. And for the cost everyone should expect that they be a little rare or hard to get.

    That said, I am glad the shuttle will turn out to be more common then everyone expected. I am not a big fan of exclusives, and I think that everyone that likes Star Wars should hava a shot at getting a toy like the shuttle. And with the state of collecting today (i.e. everyone doing it) I don't think anyone should be looking at the toys as an investment or something that will appreciate in value. Unless they are original Star Wars toys in original boxes from the 70's and 80's, I think the ship has sailed on Star Wars toys going up in value. I couldn't afford a shuttle when I was a kid, I can barely afford one now, but I am glad that other stores are giving me an option to have this amazing vehicle and save a little cash doing it.

    So I see where you are coming from. I don't thing this vehicle should have been represented as scarce or as being one of the rarist toys in the line, and I don't think it should be at thie insane price point it is at. But I also don't believe that it should be rare and that everyone (kids and collectors) shouldn't have a crack at it. I don't think anyone who wants something rare in their collection is a bad person, hey so do I. But when it comes to a vehicle as recognizable and as wanted as the Imperial Shuttle, come on....
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