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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos
    I saw an antiques store that had vintage SW figures wrapped in plastic wrap and without weapons, for $30-$50 each. I had to laugh. Do they think we're suckers?
    All it takes is one uninformed yokel or a big spender for them to justify the price.

    It'd be nice to find another local non-scalper, mom and pop type card shop to round out the card collection. These guys were really nice about everything. Looked like a newly retired couple.
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    Re: How much would you pay for vintage SW cards?

    Regardless of the cards condition, they are only worth what you're willing to pay. Example Tomart's price guide to worldwide Star Wars Collectibles list card #207 X-rated C-3PO card at 30-40 dollars, I bought a mint and I do mean Mint one for $50, Now I knew what the card is worth, but as far as I'm concerned at $50 it was a steal. But of coures this is only my opinion.
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