Hey there sports fans. Just have one question and it's the title of this thread oddly enough. I came across a collectible cards store in my area that just opened up. The mom and pop owners are selling a bunch of SW, ESB, and ROTJ vintage trading cards by Fleer or Topps or whoever made those original cards.

They are selling them for 15 cents apiece. The cards are in decent but definitely not mint condition. I used to collect them when I was younger and still have about 100 total so I'm thinking about finishing the collection.

Is this asking price decent? I can't find any kind of consensus on the average price for these cards in worn condition. Some people say $1 per and some a quarter per. Some ebay auctions have 30 starting off at $1.

I'm not looking for a steal or to get a full set then selling them. I just want to know if 15 for a used SW vintage card is a decent price.