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    Fetal's gizz, ya fraggin' bastich! (the Lobo thread)

    Lobo might be coming back to greatness! This week I picked up Lobo Unbound #1, mainly because I saw "Lobo" and "Keith Giffen" on the same cover for the first time in years.

    This is on par with the classic Lobo mini-series from the 90s, back when Simon Bisley painted the Main Man kicking butt and taking names with his "Mature Readers" label all throughout the universe. . . and Heaven and Hell.

    There was Lobo (AKA Lobo: The Last Czarnian), the original mini-series, where Lobo finds out his genocide of his people wasn't quite complete. Then Lobo's Paramilitary Christmas Special (my personal favorite), where the Easte Bunny hires 'Bo to wack Santa Claus. This was followed by Lobo's Back, where Lobo was repeatedly killed by his nemesis Loo and reincarnated several times because he was too nasty for either Heaven or Hell to accept him.

    Then was the beginning of the end. Keith Giffen drew (in a very weird style) a mini-series where Lobo joined the Army and got a haircut! Then he left for Image with the blatant ripoff Trencher, which was pretty dull. It didn't seem like the work of the dude who'd created both Lobo and Ambush Bug. Lobo meanwhile got his ongoing series, which had Comic Code approval.

    And his popularity waned.

    And now, he's back with a vengeance. This is the classic Lobo we all know and love.

    If you like really twisted tales of violence and mayhem that leave you laughing out loud, Lobo's Unbound is for you. (And so are the early Lobo mini-series.)
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    A Lobo thread? I have the first issue of Lobo. And Lobo's Back. and Lobo Zero (from the Zero Hour crossover) plus the first annual (which was probably also a crossover of some kind). But that's it. I never got the humor. Simon Bisley rules though.

    And Trencher ate it. Trencher is definitely going in the Man that Sucked thread...
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