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    Annex was a spin-off of the Marvel vs DC series. I thought it was going to be a dude who sorta went between universes without control, but he was supposed to protect the boundaries between the universes and enlisted guest stars every issue to help. I don't care how neat it was the first time, how cool both characters are, or whether the Annex comic was considered canon in both universes, you can seriously only have so much sexual tension between Jubilation and lil' Timmy Drake, especially when it's pretty much a no-no to have it permanently affect them in their own titles.

    Or am I thinking of Access? Ah well. Either way it sucks.

    Marvel vs DC could've been great, but it ended up sucking. The match-ups were silly. I think I said in the "Comic Character Showdown" thread how incredibly ludicrous it is that Wolverine could ever beat Lobo. Wolvie's tough, but he never killed off entire worlds because he felt like it or gained immortality by scaring the occupants of both Heaven and Hell.

    The Amalgam books were hit and miss. Some were fun, like "Dark Claw" (I think that was the name). Given that James and Bruce wear similar costumes, have goofy kid sidekicks who wear similar costumes, and have the same attitude, they were born to cross over in such a method.
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    Speedball! It was awful. I think he was introduced around the time of Atlantis Attacks!
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    Speedball was supposed to be the light hearted,quirky Spider-Man type of the 90's. They missed the target on that one. They even missed the big bale of hay that gets put behind the target to catch stray arrows. The shaft probably landed in some little old lady's rump while she was bent over in her garden pulling weeds.

    Only when Fabian Nicieza stuck him in New Warriors did Speedball become an interesting comic relief.

    Having just got a plumb stash of Daredevil comics including almost the entire run of the new series, I was amazed at how long that title coasted in suck mode before they did the Marvel Knight renumbering thing. That whole Jack Batlin, con man thing? Ugh. I can't even remember any of the stories from the last two years I collected it.
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    I'll add in any reference, in continuity, of 9/11. Kinda shatters teh make believe world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    Some were fun, like "Dark Claw" (I think that was the name). Given that James and Bruce wear similar costumes, have goofy kid sidekicks who wear similar costumes, and have the same attitude, they were born to cross over in such a method.
    You did NOT just call him "James".
    Which reminds me: I must've been one of the few people who thought Origin pretty much sucked.
    Don't get me wrong - it was a pretty decent story (minus the part where little Jamie inexplicably overcomes his medical problems and suddenly starts actin' all big and butch after having lived his entire life up to that point as a major nancy-boy. Hello? An explanation would be nice!), but that sickly little pansy will never be the man I know as Wolverine. Wolverine stated his life as a bed-ridden little irish sissy named James?! WhatEVER!

    Also, books that were named here that I don't feel belong:

    Booster Gold
    !mpact Comics like - The Hood
    The Fly
    and the Comet (they did fail at the end, but only after DC had completely given up on the line anyway)
    the original Turok series (c'mon, how can a book that starts out with Bart Sears and ends with the awesome Rags Morales on art ever suck?)
    and while they were definitely very different, I actually quite enjoyed much of the Defiant Comics line, especially Warriors of Plasm, Dogs of War, Charlemagne and the Great Grimmax.
    Someone also mentioned all of DC's Bloodline heroes yet forgot to mention that at least one good thing came of that crossover - HITMAN! Yes, Tommy Monaghan got his start as one of the Bloodline heroes!

    Of course, no one has yet mentioned the suckiest comic ever published. I'm speaking, of course, of Marvel's own Terror Inc.! You know, the one with the demonic, zombie-looking hitman who would steal people's limbs and attach them to his own body so he could gain their skills? Yeah, that sucked BIG TIME!

    Here's a link to a site I love to visit that's dedicated solely to sucky comics -

    Unfortunately, they only update about once every year and a half it seems, but I often find myself in stitches laughing out loud at what this guy has to say! Check it out!


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