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    Man that Sucked...(the lame comics thread)

    Hey, with almost sixty long boxes and around 20,000 funny books, I've bought some turds. I'll admit it.

    Limited series that didn't need to be.

    Ongoing series that were mercifully short.

    Smaller companies struggling to get started with subpar retreads of classic heroes.

    For instance. After Avengers West Coast finished it's run, the main Avengers called the West Coasters in for a little meeting and said "Hey. We are shutting down the West Coast Compound. You have no say in it..." and this sufficiently ticked the WCA off enough to start FORCE WORKS. Lamely named because the use of force gets the job done. Force Works. Get it? U.S. Agent got a superbly lame new costume and a bunch of other lame stuff happened. Lame.

    Or how about Fantastic Force? A F4 spin off title with all the rejects from the Fantastic Four who decided to join together like Layla, the Human Torch's Skrull wife, and some other lame people. Lame.

    Then there was the guy what started off in Spider-Man books, that was basically a rip off of Spawn with a possesed cape/costume who was from a couple of years in the future and was trying to track down his own murderer or some crap. LAME.

    There are more to be sure. Plenty more. So what's clogging up your long boxes?
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    I actually (please don't laugh) pre-ordered the first issue of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers solely on the fact that way-cool artist Al Bigley was slated to draw it. And something happened and he didn't, but I couldn't cancel the order!

    Most or all of the Liefeld issues of X-Force, and, though now I wonder why, a lot of the early Image comics. All of which, except for Spawn, Shadowhawk, and Savage Dragon, sucked hard.

    Most would say my complete run of Sleepwalker and not-quite-complete run of ROM: Spaceknight suck, but I beg to differ!
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    About 10 years ago I bought just about anything that was from Marvel, including The Swimsuit Issue and a takeoff of Time mag. Looking back, about 60-70% (maybe as high as 85%) was a total waste of money.

    EP- 60 long boxes?! Where in the world do you keep it all? When I used to live w/ a girl a few years ago I had mine on storage racks in garage. Then Hurricane Floyd came along in '99 and flooded entire basement. I ended up losing 10 boxes. Luckily, a lot of it would fall under this threads domain.

    Something else that most would consider sucky but I like: Spider-Man 2099 and Ghost Rider 2099. W/ GR, the coloring was great, I thought the characters were very cool, and I thought it was great how they made up a future vernacular like "Look at this" = "Vid this".

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    I thought the Marvel Swimsuit thingy was kinda funny, with the fake ads and articles and all. When all the Marvel artists jumped ship to Image and a swimsuit special came out from Homage, I pre-ordered it thinking it was the same type of thing. Now that was a waste!

    Most of the 2099 series sucked, but the first few issues of Ravage, when Stan Lee wrote it, were rather good. As soon as he left, they completely threw everything out the window, including the cool storylines.
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    Kitty Cat Beast from the new X-Men comics. I hate what they've done to my favorite character with a passion. Now that they say one aspect of his mutation is a de-evolutionary deal, I'm waiting for him to turn into a Dinosaur.

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    * Most of the summer crossovers from Marvel in the late 80s/early 90s; i.e. Atlantis Attacks, Evolutionary War.
    * Spellbound limited series.
    * Virtually any B&W small press comic from the mid 80s (Daffy Quadafi, Adolescent Radioactive (something) Hamsters, Fish Police, etc.)
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    Secret Wars II.

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    I got one of those Secret Wars II comics. I never read it, but the cover has this man's figure burned into the ground and it says something like who is the beyonder on it. I got it in a pack full of comics I bought from a mail order catalog. I did it hoping to get some cool comics, which there were a few I enjoyed. Anway, it's good to know I got an "official suck" comic now. I feel happy.
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    Not only do you have A comic that officially sucked, you may have an issue of the single most suckingest comic that ever sucked. Man did it suck.

    Except for when the Beyonder got really fat, and was surrounded by hot chicks on his yacht, and then he realized that the chicks didn't think he was hot cause he was fat, and then he turned himself all buff again. That part rocked.

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    I don't know man, if that yacht thing really happened, then this comic is probably better than that issue of Spider-Man I have where Ben (the now infamous real clone and one time Spider-Man replacement) gets it from the Green Goblin and falls victim to that clone defect that made basically made him "fall apart". I cried tears of happiness watching him die, because he was like the Poochy of Marvel.
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