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    Do you Live and Die by Previews?

    Okay, we all know Steve Giusseppi from Diamond distributing has managed to get himself a monopoly in terms of comic distribution. This guy is worth big bucks these days. His company produces a monthly "what's upcoming" book called PREVIEWS, which Im sure many of you get to see what's coming up. Personally, I stay away from it, because I hate seeing the covers 3 months in advance. Do you read/use Previews? Do you or don't you find they're giving away too much in terms of upcoming plot developments? I actually know people who don't buy many books because the plot breakdowns in Previews are good enough. Discuss....

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    Back when I ran a comic shop in the early 90's we used the other distribution center that got bought out by Diamond, and they had their version of Previews and I remember getting more excited by the stuff they were planning on selling, than when they actually got to the store and I bought them and read them.

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