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    Got R5D2, now I want to know we can't get a Saga R5D4

    I finally broke down and ordered R5D2 off E-bay the other day. I had to bend over to get him, but he was worth the money. He looks like a mostly new figure. The head is definitely new, and the body is at least a retooled R2/R3/R4 body. Since they spent so much on what is basically a limited release figure, why can't Hasbro give us a decent R5D4, or at least an R5, ? I hope R5D4 finally comes in the Saga line as he will be more cost friendly for me and I will buy multiples for customs I wanna do.

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    There is only one reason why we don't have a decent R5-D4. . .

    God has truly forsaken me, I guess. Seriously, enough is enough.

    I am hopeful though, that it's only a matter of time now . . .

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    Mark, we have been screaming from the top of the mountains and none have listened. How many times have we heard he was coming to see him bumped for another droid? How hard is a simple retool of the R5D2's head? They could make R5D4 a pack in with anything and I would buy it just for him( I did it for the Red R2). I am a droid nut, hence the name, and I buy just about anything for a classic droid. I will probably buy the Sandcrawler, just for the silver Death Star Droid, if it is released( course I will probably turn around and sell the Sandcrawler). And I will buy the Droid Factory for the CZ-3, if thats is released.

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    Actually, as far as I can recall --- R5-D4 was only slated to come out once.
    And he was then bumped for R4-M9. (Great figure by the way.) Honestly,
    I really, really thought that we would see him with all the Episode II stuff,
    since he was in the movie. . . and actually a heck of a lot easier to spot than the Sneak Preview R3. (Another great figure. . . )

    But enough is enough! Bring on R5! Dang It! My patience is a an end.

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    Hopyfully he'll come out soon, he's just so popular. He's like the shadowed cousin of R2, plotting his evil revenge so that he will be the only one to remain! hahahahah!! err...

    Death to R2
    Starring Rainbow 5D4
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    Maybe in 2004. With the Jabbas Palace characters and all being on the list, they might decide to just do Tatooine figures as well. Hopefully that is the case.
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    Originally posted by mark2d2
    I really, really thought that we would see him with all the Episode II stuff,
    since he was in the movie. . . and actually a heck of a lot easier to spot than the Sneak Preview R3. (Another great figure. . . )
    Where does he appear?

    By the way, check out this article in about R5-D4:

    R5-D4 Expanded Universe

    Notice the name of the trader, Macemillian-winduarté! Does that name sound familiar? They say that Macemillian-winduarté is a Squib, a blue-furred alien. But jedi can use mind control and make others think they are something else. Maybe Mace survived the Clone Wars after all!

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    It's really very, quick. But very easy to spot if you're looking.

    When Anakin and Padme are heading to watto's shop -- riding in that odd droid pulled cart through the streets of Tatooine -- he rolls across the center of the screen for a fairly long shot. Passing them, and then R2-D2 who is following behind them.

    It's a tiny cameo --- at best. But I think that's what makes it cool. It's be kind of dumb if he and R2 bumped into each other, or even chirped hello. This way he's just there, and I like the implied back story that he was probably just rolling around Tatooine for the next thirty or so years.

    By the way --- this cameo is confirmed by the link you provided. Notice how it lists him as being in both films. I actually noticed him the very first time I saw Attack of the Clones, but then I am very much an R5 freak.

    I just always loved his figure when I was a child. As the only other Astro-droid in the kenner galaxy --- he had to be everything from Artoo's best friend . . . to rebel spy . . . to evil imperial assassin. Yes, it pains me to no end that I don't as of yet have a really good modern figure of him. (Other than the 12 inch which was definitely a dream come true for me. I still can't believe I found that exclusive so easily at Walmart. . .) But a 3 3/4" as well done as R4-M9 is not only long overdue, but a crime against droidity.
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    Much as I like the R4s (including the new 4-pack Imperial version), I can't get over the feeling that their legs are a bit too short, much like all the 3POs' arms are too short.

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    Okay, I broke down and did the ebay thing. I can't wait to get the guy and the price wasn't that bad actually. (Not great, but not outrageous.) I'll give my full report when he arrives next week!


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