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    Decent findings in every state but my own

    Today I went to ashland Ky, and West Virginia. I live in ohio and the ashland mall and hunington mall arent that far away. KB was selling basic figures buy one get one free. And the KB four packs I saw the best one Ive ever seen at ashland for$10 Clone trooper, red, Darth Tyranus, Master yoda, and hanger duel Anakin. KB in hunington didnt have much to get. Target in hunington didnt have anything. But Toys R us had the imperial force four pack. That was the best thing I found today. And I must say that it is worth it. Its really cool. it was $20 But here in Ohio there is nothing, unless you want lott dodd. I didnt need to look for the basic collection 2003 figures, I luckily have them all. I got some cases of them. What im wanting is all the new four packs and the 2 deluxe I dont have, the spider droid and super battle droid. Have you guys found those? Good mosh pitting to youand good luck Thanks for readin, keith
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    Well, at the end of the month, I have to return my son to his mother in Florida. I'll be driving, and hitting as many Wal-Marts, and TRU's as I find on my travels. Of course I will be doing this venture over a breif three day span. I'll let you know if I find anything cool along the way.
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