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Thread: COmmand Gunship

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    COmmand Gunship

    And there was me thinking that they'd do more than just paint bits of it black. Now, although I am usually a re-hash supporter, I think this sucks, especially when it's less than 12 months since the first issue and it's still widely available!

    Where are there new features, or reasons to buy this. Buy a Saga one on clearance and paint it!
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    What makes this one REALLY different is that they don't encourage you to put the bubble cannons on it!

    I know what you mean, though. It is really an exercise in overkill. It is almost as though Hasblah was thinking... "Holy crap! We spent some $$$ making this mould and we need to get the most of it since we really didn't make the cash on the original release." I say sell off the duds and call it a day on this one. I mean, I really liked the original release but not enough to have bought more than one!!!
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    I agree

    The so-called "Command Gunship" sucks. I sincerely hope that few if any people buy it such that Hasblow learns a lesson about repaints.
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    I'll buy it when it goes on clearance for $10

    And let's face will.

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    I second that Jedi-cpa, i bought the original and it's lovely...from what i can tell at least...i'm an MOC collector.

    But once i pass these in the clearance rack, i'll get them.

    Do you think the other vehicles will do better? Ideas?
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    Who knows? Do the ships really sell at all? I mean we really don't see them at retail over here so we don't get an idea. I mean I only got two gunships coz one was in a bundle of stuff that meant you got Jorg Sucal!

    The AAT will sell simply because I don't think they were on wide release at all, again based on their rarity in the UK. So that's one plus factor I guess. Also why would the general public buy the repainted starfighter when the original is on massive clearance every where!

    It's a shame really. They had the right idea, following the old Kenner re-release pattern, but advertising them as new prduct is what's gonna **** off the bulk of collectors. Come on Hasbro, be hoinest!
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    I won't be buying the AAT, I believe it is exactly like the EP I no need, again if it goes on clearance I'll buy.

    The new Tie fighter will sell, looks cool, and long over due if you ask me.

    I don't know why I have to say I am not going to buy though, there hasn't been new product on shelves here (NY & CT) in at least 5 months.

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    I think once i get home and start workin', i'm gonna apply for the ole' SW Credit card and just do my usual KEBco pre-order on everything I can. I don't know if stores will get these new vehicles or much of them since a lot of the AOTC stuff cluttered shelves for a while. I'd rather just get them delivered to my door than worry about if the stores in my are going to get in good size quantities of them.

    Also, i never saw an AAT at all during their initial release, so i'm getting this one for sure.
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    You can't blame Hasbro too much though because like Durge and the ARC trooper that some people didn't like, Hasbro didn't design it! They are just making what they see in the comics and games and junk... And I don't think we need another mold for the gunship because other than the bubble laser thingys there isn't anything I can think of to improve on. Also I read some where that the new jedi starfighter is a resculpt

    Plus they won't go on sale..... the way things look stores won't get them!
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    It baffles me that THIS is getting released.
    But there is still no official word on the SANDCRAWLER.
    It seriously just blows my mind. . .


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