I have all The Matrix Mini-Busts ordered with tfaw.com for anyone who doesn't know. On the site it clearly says that the CC is not charged until the item(s) ship, and that all they do is verify funds for the card. Well, imagine my surprise when I called to see what my balance was on my card only to find out that $98.24 had been charged to my card twice. FYI, each mini-bust is $45.00 and shipping was $8.24. I ordered Neo & Trinity first ($98.24), then ordered Morpheus & Smith ($98.24), and last ordered the twins so soon there will be yet another charge for 98.24 showing up here soon. I called tfaw CS and spoke with a woman (who was ver nice and profesional btw) why my card had ben charged. What she said was that the card had not been charged, but funds had been verified. I called CS for my CC and they said the card HAD been charged. Also tfaw does not cancel pre-orders which is ok with me, but for someone on a limited budget you might want to get your product somewhere else if you plan on not being charged until the item ships b/c they did charge me, AND the item isn't even in stock yet, AND you won't be able to cancel.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you guy's know.