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    buckle up. no really, buckle up.

    anakin/darth speeder bikes $20Can

    found this for anyone that hasn't picked these up yet.

    anakin & darth tyranus speeder bikes for $20 each Canadian
    also notable are gunships for $30Can

    no mention of what taxes they charge but they say shipping is 10% of your order (min $5)

    figures don't it?, mine just arrived this week @ $25 each plus $11+ tax/shipping

    I'm going to contact them about the real shipping on gunship, if any of you bite at their deals, please mention you heard about them in a SSG post.

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    Chinooks and crannies

    Sounds like a good price. Wish I, too, hadn't already paid more for these gems!
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    I was just surfin...and saw that they have Deluxe Clone Troopers in for $ case anyone is looking for one..........


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