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    Ashla/Jempa and Yoda/Chian

    These are really great. They are so anticipated you probably dont need a review to want to buy these little jedi.
    Lets start with Ashla and Jempa
    Ashla is extremely well painted. She is very colorful, but the blue lines on her horn like things coming down from her head is perfect. The color clothes she was given really makes her face stand out. She does not bend in the middle like some yodas do, but her head moves, she stands up easy, and she holds her lightsaber very well. She looks just how she does in the movie. The jedi training helmet she comes with looks just as it does on the movie, and fits on Ashla head easily. I give it a perfect 5
    Jempa, just the same. Very well painted, Stands easily, very well made, his fangs coming from his mouth are impressive, his alien like head, his grey black eyes, and his serious look and those fangs make him look not like a peaceful young child like creature, but a bad ***. Its kinda hard to take serious, but he dosnt look happy.
    I give him a 5 and I give the set of them a 5. A must have. The only thing that could be better is if there arms move at the elbow joint. There hands must always be placed in front of them
    Yoda and Chian are my favorite. I opened these but have another coming to keep MOC. Because these figures packaged look awsome. Chian has a helmet, just like the others very well painted, easy to display, not much articulation, head moves and arms move move at hips. A very neat looking youngster, with horns growing on its face. a neat little blue lightsaber and a great sculpt and outfit. I give it a 5.
    heres the good one. I love this yoda. He comes with his floating chair on a clear stand to make it appear that it honestly floats. He comes with a cane and his lightsaber. His arms do move at the elbow joints, his cane goes very well in his hands, he moves in a sitting position and is a great new sculpt. They didnt use another EP!/ Saga jedi council figure of yoda. I give him a 5 and I give him and Chian a five. Which set is the neatest and funnest. Yoda and Chian. You get Yoda, Chian, a blue and green lightsaber, a floating chair with clear display stand and a cane. Its just cool. I reccommend both
    But Yoda and Chian are the neatest set. Even though that set is awsome, Ashla is probably the neatest figure
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    Just received the Yoda/Chian pack from KEBco this week. Yoda's eyes were a little off but I fixed that up with no trouble at all. The overall sculpt on Yoda is immaculate. I think this is, by far, the best Yoda they've made in eons! I like the fact that he has shoulder and diagonal cut (as with the Rebel Fleet Trooper's legs) bicep artiulation in both arms and right hand articulation.

    Still waiting on that damn padawan two-pack. *sigh* Hopefully that will be on it's way when they ship the army builders.
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    I have to concur with keithfite. These are my favorite two sets of the year. I love two packs (Jawas, Ugnaughts, Ewoks, Pit Droids) even though the figures are usually smaller. I got an extra of each because I plan on putting a set out on my desk.

    This Yoda looks to be the best one yet. I like his head sculpt way better than those from EP1 and the POTF versions (orange & flashback).

    Good job on these two sets Hasbro!
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