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    Question 12" Jabba the Hut?

    Good day. I am a new user to this site. I want to know if anybody has heard of any rumors flying around regarding the creation of a 12" Jabba the Hut?


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    Re: 12" Jabba the Hut?

    We're waiting for him to long...but there was a maquette that fits.

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    "Clowntrooper", huh?

    You need a pic in your sig of thousands of heavily armed clowns issuing from a tiny, little car.

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    I wish they would make a 12" scale jabba. Hopefully for much less than the maquette, too.

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    I recently received a Dewback & Sandtrooper combo pack. When I took the beast out, I thought the colors could be close to what a production Jabba might look like. Maybe a little darker yellow hue though. Obviously, by the release of the Dewback, Hasbro is very capable of creating a large realistic creature like Jabba, even down to the rubber type material for the skin. Maybe some day.

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    Personally I haven't heard anything regarding rumors, but Jabba seems to be a piece alot of collectors want.

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    I've been trying to score a maquette at a reasonable price for quite a while, so I can set up a 12" Jabba's throne room scene. I'm sure that as soon as I finally find one Hasbro will release a much cheaper 12" version
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    Hasbro really hasn't done much with the Jabba's palace crowd as far as the 12" scale is concerned.

    Maybe with rumors of a 12" lando skiff and gam. guard, Jabba and more of his cronies will follow. That'd be cool if they made him with salacious or Oola or both!

    Well, we can always hope

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    I can see it now:
    FAO Schwartz EXCLUSIVE 12" scale Jabba the Hutt only $150

    BTW mini-rock I'm diggin the avatar

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    I have a feeling that Hasbro doesn't want to make it, because how crappy the 12" dewback sold. In my area it went down as low as $19.99 and I paid $79.99. What a slap in the face. One good thing though, is theres rumors about a 12" Max Rebo band in the works
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