Why didn't Hasbro bother to put the Ewoks' names on their box?

Isn't this an insult to Ewok fans everywhere?!!

OK, one of them seems too obviously close to resembling Logray, but I don't recall him being a Twinkie, so why is he colored like one?

Just like Hasbro to give us the light cream filling....

The second one looks awesome, but who the heck is he?

That's not Paploo or Teebo?!! Could it be?

Teebo has a more pig's like head trophy.

Paploo never wore an animal head trophy, so far as I can remember. But without the animal head, this Ewok sort of resembles him.

But I'm hoping it is the Death's Head Ewok you see the first time you see a shot of Leia in the Ewok village.

I'm watching RETURN OF THE JEDI this weekend, so I'll come back and verify that information if I can.

But why couldn't Hasbro just tell us,

who are those Ewoks?