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    Repainting Micro figures

    I just recieved a Kenner Micro Bespin World set, but the paint on the figures is chipped in many places. Does anyone know what would be the best way to go about getting them repaired? Should I try to paint them myself? Where would I go to get matching paint? Any other ideas?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Well my first bit of advice is don't. If I were in your place I wouldn't even consider repainting a vintage item. I think it destroys original personal of the toy.
    Now I don't know much about the Micro figures, but if I had to guess about the paint I'd say it likely enamel. In any case try and use the same kind of paint. I don't know where you'd get the paint matched because your going use so little.
    But if your getting to do this I'd strip the remaining paint and use an airbrush. If you paint by hand use a micro brush.
    Again I wouldn't do this if I where you, but that's my two cents.
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    I wouldn't touch them either. I would leave em alone. They are small. If you have the slightest shake in your hands you could screw it up. That is my two cents.
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