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    Tron 2.0 figures

    I just got my set of Tron 2.0 figures this weekend.

    I have to say they are well detailed and the IC figure is stellar.

    I can't wait for the game to hit the shelves.

    But if you run across these at EB, or on line, and your a Tron fan...definitly pick a set up these guys up.

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    Thumbs up yeah man, them things are real eyecatchers

    Love the design of their matte, day-glo paint & moebius-inspired detailing (he designed the orignal costumes) figs, let alone figs this size, aren't really my thing so am in no hurry to get these, but can't deny they really jumped out at me from a local suncoast wall! maybe if i can find em for ~$2 each i might bite for now, if anyone ends up w/an xtra frisbee they don't want i'd happily trade ya for it- i'd drill a stand-hole in its underside, add it to my mm collection & pretend it's a ufo
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