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    Luke Skywalker: Necissary Figure Re-sculpts

    This has been somthing on my mind a while, I know that not everyone is a re-sculpt fan, but I think we do need some to bring some of the lesser Luke's to POTJ quality. I've listed them by movie. Lemme know what you think, and if you have any ideas.
    These lists take in account the Luke: Snowspeeder Gear from the Crashed Snowspeeder and the Luke: Bespin Fatigues that we should get next year, from the cancelled CD-ROM.

    Luke Skywalker: Tatooine Poncho
    Luke Skywalker: Stormtrooper
    Luke Skywalker: Medical Recovery Robe
    Luke Skywalker: Dagobah
    Luke Skywalker: Jedi Knight
    Luke Skywalker: Endor Poncho

    Thats the only Luke's that I can think of we need, hopefully a couple a year and we can see the end of excessive Luke re-sculpts. I'll be posting one of these lists for all the main charecters from the original trilogy.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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    I agree we need a Luke w/poncho. I like it when they do resculpts on Luke. They *sometimes* make each one better than the last.
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    Exclamation Medical Recovery Room Luke!


    He could be used as a post Bacta Tank Luke and a post-mechanohand Luke... BOTH from ESB!
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    I agree on most...but, I'd prefer a Deluxe Jedi Luke that has extra accessories. In addition to a soft goods Jedi robe, Hasbro should include a poncho and Rem. Helmet to go along with Luke. Of course, he'd have to have massive articulation to fit on a speeder bike...the fact that his outfit is black would really be good to kinda hide the articulation!

    I agree on the Luke Medical and Luke Stormtrooper redos as well.

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    Yeah, I also think the best idea for the ROTJ Luke:Jedi would be to make it a deluxe figure. Just think how much stuff they could stuff into the package.

    Tons of articulation, Jedi cloak, Blaster, Skull and Thigh Bone, Endor poncho, Removable helmet, Lightsaber w/removable blade, maybe even some snap-on Dark Side force lightning.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    I think JarJarBinks pretty much said it all.

    Bring it on Hasbro!
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    If they just resculpted Jedi Luke and ANH Ceremonial Luke then all my Luke needs would be complete.
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    Accessory packs

    I stated this several times on the old forums. What we need is a basic Tatoonie Luke with a bunch of accessories, like the poncho, hat, rifle, macroculars, etc... I think something like that would sell better than just a carded Luke with poncho.

    The same with the ESB Luke and ROJ Luke.

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    One definitive Luke for each film eh?
    ANH Luke: Floppy hat, rifle, macrobinocs,removable leather Tatooine utility belt, removable stormtrooper belt, lightsaber hilt, lightsaber, T-16 model, wrench, whiny attitude.

    ESB Luke: Recovery Room Luke

    ROJ Luke: Removable Endor helmet, removable camo poncho, 3 interchangable hands (normal, circuit showing, and gloved) Jedi cloak, lightsaber hilt, lightsaber and super articulation so he can ride a speeder or writhe on the ground in force lightning pain.

    After that, NO MORE RESCULPTS!!!! I MEAN IT!

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    That's the idea. I think it would sell.


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