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    why wasn't leia trained with luke?

    i think this is a very good question...why not? i mean, two strong is two strong. they could have been more powerful that way..

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    I don't know how, but one of them would have to turn to the dark side one way or another, and I guess males make better movie stars, and leia would be too old, and she would be spoiled, and I guess obi-wan lost contact with bail organa, and that's why obi-wan wanted to o back to Alderran to teach luke and leia, since he was probably unaware of her being on the death star.

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    excalent theroy...probably the right one, too.......

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    I think Leia being hidden even more than Luke was meant to show that she's literally the last hope possible, and if that's the case, then having Obi-Wan hang around her while she's a kid teaching her the ways of the Force a little too conspicuous. Plus, Vader and the Emp don't sense Luke until the Force grows strong with him, so if Leia has the Force with her, she'd be discovered too early.
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    My basic theory is that Luke was meant to be bait for Vader and Palpatine. Hence keeping the name Skywalker. Leia was being held in reserve by Yoda, unbeknownst to Ben and Luke. I still hold to the idea that Ben doesn't know who Leia really is and it's up to Yoda to tell him in ESB. Why would Yoda have to mention that there was another, if Ben already knew there was another?

    Hence, Luke and Ben were placed out in the open for Vader and Palpatine to discover while Yoda watched over Leia's upbringing from a distance. In fact Yoda was probably actively masking her Force abilities while Vader was interrogating her.

    Most of this theory hinges on Ben knowing that they are twins before ESB but I guess Ep3 will clear all that up.
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