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    Do the Clone Troopers realize they are clones?

    Do you think that the Clone Troopers realize that they are clones? Do the look around and see others and think "Hey, a thousand other white troopers emerge, they look like me, they dress like me, they don't give a **** like me." Okay so they probably don't all sound like Eminem, but do they realize that they are clones, and do they care?

    I think they realize it but don't really care. They are trained to fight, not think.

    Any thoughts?
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    Well.....the whole advantage of clone over Droid is that they do think individually........

    I would imagine they are aware of their status as cloned beings. I would also hazard a guess that they do have emotions, but are most likely trained immediately to repress them in service of their hoigher purpose...mainly, that of butt kickers.

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    I think that obiedience is the key word. Just because they are cloned to be 100% obiedient does not mean they are unaware of their status or can't think for themselves. I believe they are aware that they are clones...but hey, what are they going to do about it? Just like Lama Su said, "Clones can think creatively. We take great pride in our combat education and training programs...they are totally obiedient, taking any order without question. (modified genetic structure)." So, there is your answer...yes they know that they are clones.
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    They've got to. If not, I'm sure, individuality dampening or not, they'd start asking, "Master Yoda, why does TK421 look like me, and TRS80 looks like me, and THX1128 looks like me, but you're a little wrinkled green dude?"
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    I think they know, but I wonder if the concept of being a clone means something to them at all. It's not like they're taught that they're oddballs, so do they know that being a clone is unusual and societally confusing? That they are fighting for a society that considers them lower-class citizens only slightly higher up the chain than droids? I would think that would be kept from them simply because it would make it complicated for these to fight for these people. Or perhaps when a 2nd batch of clones is completed, the first batch revolts and causes the 2nd clone war, thus giving us "the clone wars".
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    You think any of them take advantage of it. Time for roll call, it's early and you don't want to get up. "Hey Steve 12, would you mind saying you're me so I can stay here?" Maybe that's why the stormtroopers are such bad shots,they all got away with not having to even to go to training exercises because they had plenty of stand ins.
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    I think a better question is if they are all clones in every way, wouldn't they all be interested in the same exact girl? It's bad enough to have two different guys fighting over some floozy, but can you imagine an army of the same guy?! There's the REAL reason for the Clone Wars!

    Of course the solution is to create a Clone Pleasure Wing on Kamino...if you know what I mean. Can you imagine, a million Victoria Silvstedts!

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    Hmm...I wonder if the clones are capable of developing their own individual personalities, or if they are predesigned to each be the same in that way as well?

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    Just from reading what it says on the Kaminoans in the Visual Dictionary, they have training programs and other things to keep that from happening. Who's to say it doesn't happen in the field though. I dunno, but the quest for perfection in the development of the clones suggests that the Kaminoans have taken care of that somehow. But yeah, the clones "realize" they are clones, and that their purpose is to serve the Republic.

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    Yes the Clones know.
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