I am a long time collecter and have a friend that is a long time dealer(Comic Store owner). We were talking about the vintage line and he believes very soon the bottom will fall out and soon prices will drop bad!
His says the prices you find in Lee's price gudie (The going price guide bible for SW vintage) is to over price. Those price are all made from dealers at toy shows and con. Those prices do not reflect that of things off the net or mostly things on Ebay. With ebay those hard to find figures are not as hard to find anymore. Rare doesn't mean what it once did. He said soon Lee's is going to have to ajust to ebay and other online auctions. This will cause most of the toys in the guide to drop. Looking at ebay he does have a point. Most things never sell at the price Lee's has it listed. And I am sure we all can agree that Lee's is the best vintage SW price guide.
So I would like to hear your thoughts on this?
Can the market hold? Will the vintage line drop? I am not in this for the 'money' of what is worth but I rither see figures I have be HIGH than low. But again, if the market does drop I will be happy! I can get some figures I never could have gotten.

So is he right? He did tell me in 1994-95 that the new Kenner/Hasbro line would hurt vintage! He said who would pay $70 for a loose Falcon when they can get one almost like it for $50 NEW! I thought he had a point but it didn't seem to hurt vintage. Maybe it was little rocky to start with but it pulled out and showed is Vintage is King!