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    Question The Star Wars Market, can it hold out?

    I am a long time collecter and have a friend that is a long time dealer(Comic Store owner). We were talking about the vintage line and he believes very soon the bottom will fall out and soon prices will drop bad!
    His says the prices you find in Lee's price gudie (The going price guide bible for SW vintage) is to over price. Those price are all made from dealers at toy shows and con. Those prices do not reflect that of things off the net or mostly things on Ebay. With ebay those hard to find figures are not as hard to find anymore. Rare doesn't mean what it once did. He said soon Lee's is going to have to ajust to ebay and other online auctions. This will cause most of the toys in the guide to drop. Looking at ebay he does have a point. Most things never sell at the price Lee's has it listed. And I am sure we all can agree that Lee's is the best vintage SW price guide.
    So I would like to hear your thoughts on this?
    Can the market hold? Will the vintage line drop? I am not in this for the 'money' of what is worth but I rither see figures I have be HIGH than low. But again, if the market does drop I will be happy! I can get some figures I never could have gotten.

    So is he right? He did tell me in 1994-95 that the new Kenner/Hasbro line would hurt vintage! He said who would pay $70 for a loose Falcon when they can get one almost like it for $50 NEW! I thought he had a point but it didn't seem to hurt vintage. Maybe it was little rocky to start with but it pulled out and showed is Vintage is King!
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    As a collector, I really have nor do I put a value on my collection. I just enjoy collecting, and I love having my bedroom as well as the rest of my apartment filled with my collectibles. I just recently started marking down the irtems I have, but only for insurance purposes for I live in a Garden apartment, and should the sumpump give out, or someone break into my place, I'd want to try to replace the item(s) lost or damaged. I don't know if that is unusual amongst collectors, not to want to have a $ value on their collection, but I don't think it's all that important, I mean I don't intend on selling any of my collectibles. If I see something that I want on eBay, I set an amount that I think is reasonable, and if I get outbid, then oh well!
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    So you would not care if, lets say a MOC Jawa with Plastic cap dropped to $50 in the price guide make it easyer to get around the price? I mean it doesn't matter to you if dealers (they go by the guides) place it at 1,000 or 50. If you want one and will to pay 1,000 for it just as good.
    I dont care about the value really but if the markets going to drop and I can get it cheap cause of that! WOW! Let it DROP! Then again I will say let the price go up. Then I can use what ever I have more than one of trade/sell for something I need.
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    There are some figures, vinyl-cape Jawa among them, who will never drop significantly in price because they really are rare. The jewel of my vintage collection is blue Snaggletooth, but that vinyl-cape Jawa makes him look like a super-duper pegwarmer.

    Some of the more common figures (by "common" I mean anything that wasn't shipped only to Brazil or limited to twelve) will likely drop in price due to various reasons, being one of them. But in the long run, I think the vintage will hold their value better than the new figures for the same reason all old toys hold their value: they weren't designed to be collected and kept in mint condition, and they weren't.
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    Yep the NEW will never been like the old. One, I dont really see kids playing with them like back in the 80s! I mean what boy didn't have Star wars toys. In 20-30years the kids today will want to Harry Pointer.
    Also their are to many collectors today on the new stuff. I would be finding things loose would be harder. Take some of the new hard to find stuff, and try to find it loose!
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    I never care about monetary value, except when it is time to buy something. At present, I have about 12 more vintage figures to go plus all the Droids and Ewoks. I wouldn't mind one bit if I could pick those up for far less than they are "valued" at right now. $10 for a 4 inch piece of plastic is a lot of money so $80 or more is downright silly. I don't care how "rare" it is. That $80 bucks could feed a family of 7000 in Bangladesh for 10 years.

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    Well, another thing you have to look at is when Star Wars originally came out, I'm sure they didn't expect the following it would get, nor the fact that these "toys" would be worth more someday, or the fact that there would be a place to buy/sell them such as eBay. Now you have a movie come out like EP I, and they load the shelves with tons of figures driving down the value. Oh sure, there are the Sio Bibbles who seemed to get limited release, so they might be worth more. Plus EP I was a stinker compared to the OT, but every retailer jumped on the bandwagon over saturating the market with this stuff, and now I barely see anyone bidding on EPI toys on eBay. On the other hand, I have seen vintage figures going for premium prices. I'm not going to pay tons of cash for a little plastic figure, I simply don't have it. On the other hand, I did win the FAO Epic force figures for what I thought was a very reasonable price. I won't sit here and allow some price guide tell me what this figure or that figure is worth. To me, my collection is priceless, not from a $ standpoint, but because I love collecting the peices that I do, and a lot of hard work has gone into not only getting the items in my collection, but also the money I worked so hard for to be able to afford them.
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    I think the market is really dead right now. It has happened before. I remember years ago when the vintage figures were worth nothing and you could pick them up anywhere. I see it happening again. Thats just the way it goes.
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    I trying the sell a loose vintage Imperail Shuttle and I use the guides for this. I do HATE selling it but at times you have to. And when I have to I want to make sure I can get the going price. Anyway, Lee's says its around $220 but I looking at ebay I never see it go for more than $150 at the very MOST! So again, the prices, comparied to ebay, are way over priced.
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    Ebay has ruined the market on collectibles. people have them and want to sell them for outrageous prices. I, anlong with Bobafrett, have just started caring about value because I am going to insure them. If I have extra cash floating around I will pick up some vintage stuff. If you can hold out and not jump intobidding wars you can get a good deal. I got a vintage playset for 24 dollars(including shipping 2 weeks ago). I don't think it can hold up until 2018 because it will eventually be rehashes and resculpts. I for one have started to cut back because of all the differrent scenes a character is in. Unless the figure looks really cool I don't need 37 Mauls or Jangos. I already have about 19 Lukes from 95 til present. Stop with the overkill on certain characters and it will be better IMO. If I don't see another Luke after the 2 ROTJ ones for another 2-3 years it will be good. There are many characters that could still be made. I was actually shocked to see the Death Stick seller as an upcoming figure. Stuff like that keeps me interested, not rehashes and resculpts and a new weapon or accessory.
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