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    Where did Mara get her disease in NJO book #1?

    I am rereading book one of the NJO and was wondering if someone could tell me where I can find the story of how Mara caught her disease. I recall reading something about this at one time but can't remember where.

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    It's mentioned in passing in that book (Vector Prime), and I think that's the first time it's been brought up. Nom Anor secretly infected her a little before the NJO began.
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    For the complete background on the build up to Vector Prime, I suggest reading the Zahn Duology "Spector of the Past" and "Vision of the Future". These lead into Vector Prime. Though I forget exactly which book contains the part where Mara in infected by Nom Anor.
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    I don't remember either. She was already infected when Nom through the spore thing on her in VP??

    Interesting. Do you think she'll get her revenge on Nom in the last book?
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    According to timeline in the begining of VP those other two books took place like six years before VP. Seems odd to have a disease for so long.

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    She has it in Vector Prime, but I can't remember Nom Anor showing up in the Hand of Thrawn duology. (He cameoed in Crimson Empire II before it was decided he was a Vong scout, or even before the Vong were created, but I don't think Mara was in that one.)

    He definitely wasn't in Union (the Skywalker wedding comic mini-series), either.

    Mara isn't really present in the Young Jedi Knights or Junior Jedi Knights books that take place in that six-year span, so she could've picked it up at any point "off-camera," so to speak.

    Mara getting revenge. . . no. She's a Jedi Master, and good Jedi Masters don't do that sort of thing. I actually think Nom Anor will unwittingly unseat the Vong leadership with his heresy, and then find he cannot survive as a fugitive in the post-Vong galaxy. And there's one member of the Skywalker clan who isn't held by the Jedi Code, who has a lightning-fast draw and marksman abilities, and who would have good reason to blame Anor personally for the death of his best friend and his son, not to mention the near-death of his sister-in-law.
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    I didn't nec. mean revenge in the literal sense. But, given the chance Mara would kill Nom Anor quick and easy. I'm sure because he's still a threat to her and her child first and foremost, but it's also made clear that Mara would like to see him dead. So her revenge would really be for the good of all the galaxy. I just think she'd enjoy it, just a little.
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